Thursday, April 22, 2021

13 killed as overloaded boat capsizes


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Rescuers have retrieved 13 corpses after an overloaded wooden boat capsized in a River in Central Indonesia, Senior Rescuer said on Tuesday.

Search and rescue operation found eight bodies on Monday, four others on Tuesday and the rest were found shortly after the incident happened in West Kalimantan province, head of the rescue team Agus Haryono said.

“Some of the bodies were found in a distance of 20 km in the downstream of the river, and some others were found near the incident site,’’ he told Xinhua over the phone.

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With the recovery of all the missing persons, the spokesman said, the search and rescue operation was terminated on Tuesday.

The incident took place when the passenger boat carrying 24 people was attempting to cross Kapuas river in Naga Seberuang village of Kapuas Hulu district but suddenly capsized, Suhri Sinaga, spokesperson of National Search and Rescue Agency, told Xinhua by phone.

“It was caused by overload, too many people on board. One person was dead and 11 others were rescued alive,’’ he said.

All of the survivors had been rushed into nearby health clinics, the rescuer said.

Weak implementation of security frequently triggers incidents in Indonesia, a vast archipelago nation home to over 17,500 islands.


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