Tuesday, February 23, 2021

UN Security Council renews Mali sanctions regime for another year


tiamin rice

The UN Security Council on Thursday renewed until Aug. 31, 2020, the sanctions regime on Mali against individuals and entities derailing the peace process in the African country.

In a unanimous vote, the members of the council adopted Resolution 2484, which extended the sanction measures targeting individuals and entities engaged in actions or policies that threaten the peace, security, and stability of Mali.

The resolution also extended until Sept. 30, 2020, the mandate of the Panel of Experts that assisted the Security Council Committee in monitoring the implementation of the sanctions among other tasks.

The Security Council initially imposed the sanction measures for an initial period of one year in September 2017, through Resolution 2374. The measures were extended for one year in August 2018.

Mali is plagued by a civil war between the north and the south, as well as political instability and the rise of rebel militants.

Tuareg rebels in the north began to fight for independence in January 2012, and after a military coup that ousted Malian President Amadou Toure, in March, they declared independence of their own state, Azawad.

Tuareg rebels and other militant groups, which were allies for the independence of Azawad, however, turned their guns at each other over ideological division.
However, shortly after the ideological division, Tuareg rebels lost control of most of northern cities, prompting the Malian government to seek for foreign military help.

The UN peacekeeping mission in Mali, known as MINUSMA, was established in April 2013, to stabilise the situation. But however, conflicts still persist in spite the peace agreements.


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