Thursday, June 1, 2023

Abba Yusuf’s plans for quality and affordable healthcare in Kano, by Bashir Muzakkari

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Kano State is the most populous state in the country, with an estimated population of over 20 million people. Access to quality and affordable healthcare services in Kano state has been a major challenge for many years. This is due to various factors, including inadequate healthcare facilities, a shortage of healthcare professionals, poverty, and a lack of awareness among the population about the importance of healthcare.

The incoming government under His Excellency, Abba K. Yusuf, has made a commitment to revive the healthcare system in the state through a range of initiatives.

One of the major initiatives is the recruitment of human resources for health. There is a shortage of healthcare professionals in the state, which has led to inadequate access to quality healthcare services. The government aims to attract more healthcare professionals to work in the state by providing incentives and partnering with medical schools to train more healthcare professionals locally.

The plan to establish mobile clinics and ambulance services is also a key initiative of the government. These services will provide basic healthcare services to people living in remote areas who otherwise may not have access to healthcare. Ambulance services ensure that patients can be transported to hospitals quickly in case of an emergency, improving their chances of survival.

The free maternal and child health (MNCH) program is another significant initiative. This program will provide free healthcare services to pregnant women and children under the age of five. This initiative will help reduce maternal and child mortality rates in the state as more women have access to free antenatal care and delivery services.

Primary healthcare services are also a priority for the government. The provision of basic healthcare services at the community level helps to reduce the burden on hospitals and clinics. This initiative will help people access healthcare services closer to their homes, especially those in remote areas.

Partnerships and donor coordination in the health sector are also critical. This initiative will lead to increased funding for healthcare services in the state and partnerships with international organizations and donors to improve healthcare infrastructure and services.

The renovation of major hospitals in the state will also be a crucial part of the incoming government’s efforts. This initiative will improve healthcare services and increase patient satisfaction. The government will also encourage private investment in the health sector to improve access to health services.

To make it easier for people to get health care, the government will set up a smart contributory health plan. The scheme is aimed at ensuring that people have access to healthcare services regardless of their income level. This initiative has helped poor and marginalized people all over the world get better access to healthcare services.

Finally, the government will provide support for medical students and doctors in residency training. This ensures that healthcare professionals are adequately trained and prepared to provide high-quality healthcare services.

In conclusion, the incoming government under His Excellency Abba K. Yusuf’s leadership has shown a commitment to improving access to quality and affordable healthcare services in Kano state. If implemented by the government, the initiatives, such as the recruitment of healthcare professionals, the establishment of mobile clinics and ambulance services, the free maternal and child health program, primary healthcare services, partnership and donor coordination in the health sector, renovation of major hospitals, private investment in the health sector, a contributory health scheme, doctor residency training, and support for medical students, will contribute to the improvement of healthcare services in Kano state. These initiatives have the potential to transform the healthcare system in the state, and improve access to healthcare services for the people of Kano state.

Mr Muzakkari, Ph.D. writes from Kano.

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