Monday, May 10, 2021

Adamawa govt plans to dismantle Gov Dankwambo presidential campaign billboard


tiamin rice

The Adamawa State Government through its state ministry for works has perfected plans to dismount Governor Dankwambo’s 2019 Presidential Campaign billboard in the state claiming that the site had already been allocated as KEKE NAPEP parking space.

Raising the alarm, a political associate of the governor, Dahiru Kera, said the state government, through its task force, had contacted his office for a payment of N1 million for the billboard or face dismantling.

However, according to him, after agreeing to pay the stated amount, the task force vehemently rejected it, saying that they had already received an instruction from above to dismount it.

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Mr Kera said: “We were contacted by the taskforce that we must pay one million Naira and its quite disparaging that, after agreeing to pay the lofty sum as requested by the authority, surprisingly they vehemently rejected it claiming that they’ve reached a decision to dismount the billboard whatsoever.

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“It’s really sad that a democratically elected government is doing all these atrocious things to undermine not only democracy itself but the right of an individual to aspire and contest for any position of power as he so wishes.

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“Nigeria belongs to all of us and Adamawa State is part of Nigeria and Dankwambo has the right like any other Nigerian to mount his billboard anywhere within the country.

The chairman, therefore, strongly condemned the “dastardly and cowardly undemocratic behaviours of the Adamawa State Government.

“It’s good to note that, destroying billboard which is the last kick of the dying horse, isn’t going to change anything, Nigerians are determined to vote out this fake government from power come 2019 and no amount of intimidation, browbeating, and scare tactics can change their position,” he said.

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However, in disapproval letter dated 12 July, 2018, which was served to the campaign organization and obtained by DAILY NIGERIAN, the state government claimed that a stop-work order was served on the 6 July, notifying the organization that the site had already been allocated as KEKE NAPEP parking space.

It, therefore, ordered for the removal of the said billboard within 24 hours.

The letter, however, advised the organization to look for another site, subject to the approval by the authority.

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