Monday, September 27, 2021

Ado Bayero’s son calls for brother’s resignation as Emir of Bichi, says ‘village emirship’ a disgrace

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The district head of Kura, Bello Bayero, has called for the resignation of his brother, Aminu Bayero as the Emir of Bichi, one of the four rival emirates created by governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State.

DAILY NIGERIAN reports that as the crisis between Mr Ganduje and Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II deepened, the governor created four additional emirates of Bichi, Karaye, Gaya and Rano, allegedly to whittle down the power of the monarch.

The governor had also gone ahead to probe the emir over allegations of misappropriation of the emirate’s funds amounting to N3.4 billion, a situation that created impression that Mr Ganduje was trying to depose the emir.

But in an 18:30 minutes viral audio clip obtained by this newspaper, Mr Bayero who had been recently suspended as District Head of Kura local government over his failure to pay homage to Rano emir, urged the Bichi emir to urgently resign from his position.

According to him, the message was an advice to his brother to resign as emir of Bichi and return to Kano emirate, where he had held the position of Wambai in order to safeguard the image and prestige of Dabo clan and continue to support Emir Sanusi, who inherited the throne from their father.

He also described the creation of the new emirates as calamity on the clan of Mallam Ibrahim Dabo and royal heritage, saying, “it is where our father, late Ado Bayero spent 50 years on the throne and ruled in peace and harmony. He taught us to love one another without discrimination.”

Apparently weeping in the audio, the embattled district head wondered why his brother accepted the offer of Bichi emir which was turned down outright by his uncle, Abbas Sanusi and brother Nasiru Bayero, the Galadima and Chiroman Kano respectively, despite their ambition of ascending the throne.

According to him, the appointment of his brother was a calculated attempt to destroy the Danfodio dynasty and entire Fulani clan, as well as exposing the heritage to ridicule for cheap political gains.

He said his brother had stooped too low to accept the offer of what he described as a village emirate which had never been found in history.

“We are heirs of a city emirate, not village emirate. A prestigious and historic emirate. Instead of Wambai to exercise restraint to wait for his time to rule Kano emirate and succeed his father’s throne, he ended up stooping too low to accept the offer to become an emir of an unrecognised and unhistorical emirate.

“Historically, there had never been a royal throne in Bichi since Ibrahim Dabo, Muhammad Bello, Muhammad Tukur, Usman I and Usman II, Muhammad Tukur, Muhammad Sanusi, Emir of Kano Abbas, Abbas Maje Karofi, Emir Abdullahi Bayero and Emir Alu Maisango had never become emirs in Bichi. Even our father, late Ado Bayero did not inherit any throne or royal heritage from Bichi,” he said.

The suspended district head further stated that the unfortunate development was the handiwork of Isa Bayero, popularly known as Isa Pilot, who was  sacked by Emir Sanusi.

He said other arrowheads of the agenda to balkanise their heritage are Abdullahi Abbas, the Kano APC chairman; Aminu Babba Dan-agundi, among other politicians who were apparently jealous of the cordial relationship existing between Mr Sanusi and children of late Ado Bayero.

He revealed that Isa Pilot parted company with Emir Sanusi because he was not happy with how the monarch relates with children of Ado Bayero, adding that he too should be probed as he diverted the sum of N500 million belonging to the late Bayero’s family.

“Wambai was ill-advised by Isa Bayero. Is it not the Isa Bayero that pitted us against Emir Sanusi and eventually dumped the Emir because he embraced the children of late Ado Bayero? Is he not the one instigating the Emir Sanusi to cut his relationship with the Wambai, that he should stop relating with him or even travelling with him? It is because of his enmity towards us, children of late Ado Bayero that he dumped Emir Sanusi?

“This is the same Isa that diverted the sum of N500 million given to him to keep in his safe for the family of late Ado Bayero. It was later discovered that he diverted the money. I was the one who gathered the wives of late Ado Bayero and informed them of the development but we kept the matter shut.  Isa should not be a trustworthy. He has now moved to Aminu Ado to destroy our relationship.

“Isa should not be a trustworthy. He has now moved to hobnob with Wambai to destroy our relationship. We will resist any attempt by Isa Bayero, Abdullahi Abbas and Aminu Babba Dan-agundi to take away our brother and use him to destroy the Usmaniya and Dabo clan,” he added.

He said it is now binding on the entire family of the late Ado Bayero and other heirs to the throne to unanimously support Emir Sanusi as their uncles did to the late Bayero in the spirit of unity and cohesion for the good of Kano people and the historic emirate.

He therefore urged the Emir of Bichi to kindly write a resignation letter to Kano State government and return to the Kano emirate to wait for his time to rule the emirate.

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