Thursday, February 18, 2021

Afghan forces kill 7 IS militants in eastern Afghanistan


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Seven militants affiliated with Islamic State (IS) have been killed as units of Afghan Special Force stormed hideouts of the hardline group in eastern Nangarhar province on Monday.

A spokesman for the provincial administration Attaullah Khogiani made this known on Tuesday.

During the operations, which launched Monday evening in parts of Haska Mina and Pachir Agam districts, nine more armed insurgents have been captured alive, Khogiani  said.

He added that the security forces also destroyed a weapon cache belonging to the militants during the crackdown.

According to the spokesman, no civilian and security personnel was hurt in the ongoing operations.

Militants affiliated with the IS group and are operational in parts of Nangarhar and the neighboring Kunar and Nuristan provinces have not made comments on the report.

Meanwhile a local official said on Tuesday eight Afghan soldiers and eight militants were killed during clashes at an army checkpoint in western Badghis province overnight.

And on Sunday, another eight militants including an eminent Taliban commander Mullah Abdul Satar were confirmed dead as government forces stormed Taliban militants’ positions in the beleaguered Eshkamish district of the northern Takhar province.

Provincial governor’s spokesman Mohammad Jawad Hajari made this known  on Monday.

According to Hajari, Mullah Satar was a notorious Taliban commander and his physical elimination would demoralize the Taliban fighters in Eshkamish and other parts of Takhar province.

The restive Eshkamish district has been the scene of fierce fighting between Taliban and government forces over the past two months.

At least 40 militants and 10 security personnel, according to Hajari, had been killed and scores of others had been injured for the control of Eshkamish district just over the past 20 days.


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