Ambassadors who failed National Anthem recital posted to Spain, Australia

Two career ambassadors, Vivian Okeke and Ibrahim Isa, who failed to recite National Anthem and National Pledge during the Senate screening have been posted to Spain and Australia respectively.
Ms. Okeke, who hails from Anambra State and Mr. Isa, an indigene of Niger State, have been in foreign service since 1983.
Ms. Okeke

Ms. Okeke and Mr. Isa had in July this year stunned Senators during screening when they failed to recite National  Anthem and National Pledge correctly.

The recitals, which are taught in primary and secondary schools across the country, are observed in every Nigerian mission across the world during Nigerian National Day on October 1.
Diplomatic experts say National Anthem and Pledge, apart from symbolizing patriotism, promote Nigeria’s unity, ideals and values.
Ms. Okeke, until recently, serves at the Nigerian embassy in Washington, United States. In 2013, she was the minister (trade and investment) at the mission.
Ibrahim Isa during screening in July

Mr. Isah had began his career as Third Secretary in the African Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and until recently served in Turkey as Charge d’Affairs of Nigerian mission.

He was at different times in Saudi Arabia and the US.