Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Anthony Joshua undergoes alternative medical treatment ahead Klitschko fight


tiamin rice

Nigerian-born Anthony Femi Joshua

Anthony Joshua has blazed a trail in the heavyweight division but for now the only flames around the IBF champion are on the recovery table.

The British star made use of a bizarre ancient therapy called ‘fire cupping’ and can be seen having the treatment administered.

Joshua is laden with suction cups which are lit in turn before being placed on his back and arms, creating a vacuum on the skin.

This ancient form of alternative medicine is said to provide a number of benefits which could be of use to an athlete such as Joshua.

Pain and inflammation are said to be reduced, whilst improved blood flow and a relaxing effect are also notable consequences. It can also be used to treat respiratory problems as mundane as the common cold.

Stagnant blood is supposedly removed by the pressure put on the skin by the vacuum, to restore the body to peak condition.

It seems Joshua is leaving no stone unturned in his preparations for the biggest fight of his career to date, a heavyweight showdown with Wladimir Klitschko.

Whilst the build-up to the April 29 fight has been largely cordial, the 27-year-old his extremely confident of his chances against a man 14 years his senior.

Joshua, speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, said: ‘He has to pass on the baton. I do hear it a lot, he’s too old, he’s faded.

‘But then I try and flip it. Even if he is too old, which I think he is, he’s in a good place mentally and that’s a dangerous fighter.

‘Timing is everything and maybe Father Time has caught up with the former champ.’

This Saturday, we will find out if Joshua’s strange recovery habits and theory about his opponent’s age will ring true or come crashing down to reality.

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