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Biggest sports betting wins in football


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In sports betting, there is nothing quite like placing a wager on your favourite team and winning. All football enthusiasts love the thrill of following an unpredictable match that ends with the result they predicted.

Although casinos are more frequently related to life-changing wins, some punters managed to achieve it by placing winning single and acca bets. Consider checking out Sportsbet Clubhouse to find out more about how you can place a bet.

If you’re just starting your sports betting journey, these wins might give you the necessary boost.
So, let’s have a closer look at the most significant football wins recorded up to this date.

1. £100 stake on 6,542/1 odds — won £650,000
Acca bets scare newbies and for a good reason — you need to understand the game of football and predict the outcome of multiple matches. That’s precisely what one Londoner did — he wagered £100 on eight games. But there’s more — all of the games were live, most teams were losing, and he had only 20 minutes left to play.

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However, he managed to pull it off and, after 20 most stressful minutes, he scored the biggest win ever recorded — £650,000.

2. 80p stake on 683,738/1 odds — won £585,000
This jaw-dropping win went to an anonymous football enthusiast based in Malta. In 2011, he placed a 19-fold bet involving a Premier League match between fierce rivals Liverpool and Chelsea. Although Chelsea was the favourite, a draw was the more likely outcome as the game progressed. However, with just three minutes left, Glen Johnson scored the winning goal for Liverpool, which led to a win of £585,000.

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3. 30p stake on 1.6m/1 odds — won £500,000
Most punters go for the match outcome bets, but not this one. Another anonymous punter predicted the winners of nine different competitions — five English and three Scottish football championships, the Champions League, Rugby Union, and County Cricket.

This punter placed a 30p stake on 1.6 million odds, making it almost impossible to win. However, he beat the odds and landed a mind-blowing £500,000 win.

4. £2.50 stake on 108,800/1 odds — won £272,000
The year 2011 seemed like a promising one for passionate punters. An unknown punter placed a £2,50 stake on a nine-match accumulator. This bet contained the names of the underdogs, such as Wolverhampton Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers. However, what sealed the deal was a draw between Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao in Copa del Rey.

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Although it was an unlikely outcome with Barca’s potent lineup, the match ended in a 2-2 draw, which brought this lucky punter £272,000.

5. £50 stake on 3700/1 odds — won £185,000
Anyone who places a wager on 20 games usually does it because the odds of winning are non-existent. However, in 2019, one punter proved us all wrong. He bet on both the underdogs and the favourites — from Lincoln, Inverness, and Newcastle United to Bayern Munich, Barcelona, and Real Madrid. Still, each decision was risky, but it paid off and brought him a £185,000 win.

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