Thursday, June 17, 2021

Brazil’s Temer recuperating after angioplasty procedure


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Brazilian President Michel Temer was recuperating in hospital Saturday after successfully undergoing angioplasty in three coronary arteries, doctors said.

Temer, 77, had the procedure to widen obstructed arteries and have a stent implanted at the heart unit of the Sirio-Libanes Hospital in Sao Paulo.

“The procedure was a success and the president is recuperating,” Doctor Fernando Ganem, the medical supervisor, said in a statement.

Temer was admitted to hospital on Friday evening for a urological checkup and an exam of his arteries using a coronary catheter. The angioplasty was performed later.

G1 news site reported that he would be held for 48 hours and able to return work on Monday.

In October, Temer was diagnosed with a slight blockage of a coronary artery, his office said. He was put on a low-fat diet and told to take aspirin.

Also in October, he was hospitalized after being diagnosed with a urological obstruction.

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