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‘Britain’s worst boxer’ vows to continue until he fails a brain scan


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Robin Deakin’s (left) family have urged him to follow his dream. PHOTO: DAILYSTAR.CO.UK

He’s been dubbed “Britain’s worst boxer” – and wants to keep fighting until he “fails a brain scan”.

Rockin’ Robin Deakin suffered 51 professional defeats in a row before his form enjoyed an upturn last year with a win in his 52nd bout.

The British Board of Boxing Control were forced to withdraw his licence because his eight-year losing streak was one of the worst boxing runs of all time.

He now fights using a German licence.

Defiant Deakin has always hit back at critics, who have called for him to throw in the towel, and feels upcoming documentary about him – Better Than His Record – gives him a chance to show why he continues fighting.

Recently friends, family and loyal fans attended a special screening of the documentary, which doesn’t have yet a release date.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Deakin, from East Tilbury, Essex, said he wants the documentary to come out as soon as possible because “it really puts me in a positive light”.

He said: “I want the documentary to come out as soon as possible. I want people to take note and hear me out, hear my side of the story.

“Before winning I tweeted last year saying if I lose my next fight I am going to quit.

“I know I am never going to be world champion – but I need to earn a living. “

Deakin, who was born with his legs back-to-front, beat Deniss Kornilovs on points at York Hall in east London last August.

The 30-year-old’s second pro win meant he could stick with his vow to continue his free-falling career.

When asked how long he plans to keep on fighting, Deakin said: “How long is a piece of string?

“I will continue until I cannot carry on anymore. I will continue until I fail a brain scan.”• Culled from

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