Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Cathay Pacific fires 2 pilots over Hong Kong protests


tiamin rice

Cathay Pacific Airways has terminated the employment of two pilots after it suspended them in the past week over their involvement in protests in Hong Kong, the company said on Wednesday.

“In response to media enquiries, Cathay Pacific confirms that two pilots have been terminated in accordance with the terms and conditions of their employment contracts,’’ the Hong Kong-based airline said in an e-mailed statement.

“One is currently involved in legal proceedings while the other misused company information on Flight CX216/12 August.

Cathay Pacific wishes to make it clear that we express no view whatsoever on the subject matter of any ongoing proceedings,’’ it said.

China’s aviation regulator last week demanded Cathay suspends personnel, who engaged in illegal protests in the city.

The airline later moved to suspend a pilot, who was among more than 40 people charged with rioting for allegedly taking part in violent clashes with police near Beijing’s main representative office in Hong Kong.

It suspended a second pilot on Tuesday. (Reuters/NAN)

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