Saturday, September 25, 2021

China upgrades gang crime tip-off platform

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Chinese law enforcement agencies on Tuesday launched an upgraded version of its national tip-off platform against gang crime.

Chen Yixin, a senior official with the commission and head of the national office against organised crime, said this at a press conference.

“The public can provide leads of gang crimes via various online channels, including the official website of the Commission for Political and Legal Affairs of the Communist Party of China Central Committee as well as its official WeChat and Weibo accounts,’’ Chen said.

According to Chen, the upgraded platform utilises big data, model analysis and cloud computing, among other digital methods, allowing the platform to compare the information of suspects, cases as well as key areas of the crackdown.

As the crackdown goes wider and deeper, some places are lacking clues on whitewashed and undiscovered gang crimes, while some other places are short of in-depth investigations for the large amount of leads.

The establishment of the upgraded platform aims to meet the new needs of China’s crackdown on gangs and organised crimes, according to Chen.

“The platform increases the mass participation by offering easy accesses on smart phone and computer, as well as detailed instructions and simplified reporting procedures for the public to provide leads.

“It also enhances the accuracy of crackdown by generating submitted clues and automatically processing data, which allows authorities in charge of gang crimes crackdown to better manage and deal with relevant cases and clues.

“The platform can not only dynamically monitor the process of relevant cases and the movement of vicious gangs but also summarise rules with big data to strengthen the continuity of the crackdown,’’ Chen said.

The original report platform was set up in February 2018 amidst China’s increased efforts to crack down on gang crime.

As of March 31, the platform had received over 190,000 leads on gang crimes from letters and phone calls.


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