Christians join Muslims to mark Maulud in Kaduna

Christians in Kaduna have joined their Muslim neighbours in a feast to mark the Eid-el-Maulud as hundreds of adherents of both religions gathered at the Conference Hall of the Arewa House.

The event brought together, men, women, the young, old, community leaders, Islamic scholars, community youth leaders, pastors, reverend evangelists, among others.

The event was organized by a Muslim scholar, Hamzah Lawal.

Mr Lawal appreciated the presence of the Christians clerics who joined them in the celebration of the holy prophet, Mohammed.

The team of the Christian clerics was headed by Yohanna Buru, the general overseer of Christ Evangelical Intercessory Fellowship Ministry, Sabon Tasha Kaduna State.

In his remark, Mr Buru felicitated with Muslims worldwide, and urged them to use the period for peace-building, promotion of interfaith dialogue and inter-religious tolerance.

He said the visit aimed at promoting Christian–Muslim relationship in the state, so as to promote peaceful co-existence and inter-religious dialogue among different faith based organizations in Nigeria.

Mr Buru said Muslims should know that Maulud celebration is not for them alone.

He said the Holy Prophet is for everyone as he preached peace, love and unity throughout his life, just as he lived a life for humanity and for mankind.

”Our Bible teaches us to join and celebrate with our neighbours when they are happy. It also teaches us to mourn with them when they are sad. So we followed the teachings of our faith.

“We must remember that we are from one family, Adams and Eve. We are brothers and sisters. We believe in our holy scriptures, Bible and Qur’an, and believe in life after death. Then we must be our brothers’ keepers.”

According to him, every year during Christmas celebration, Muslims visit him at home to celebrate with him.

He said Christian worldwide are happy seeing Muslims coming to join Christians in celebrating Christmas and New Year together.