Saturday, September 18, 2021

Disability Day: LAN Initiatives donates mobility carts, crutches to FCT disabled persons

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A group of all-women health professionals, LAN Health Initiative, has donated 20 pieces of mobility, crutches to the disabled persons in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, in commemoration of the 2019 World Disability Day.

The distribution exercise, which took place at Disabled Persons’ Community in Karmajiji area of Abuja on Tuesday, drew disabled persons from across the within the FCT.

Health fair session was also organized for the disabled persons to check their blood pressure, HIV status, syphilis and blood glucose.

Speaking to newsmen during the event, one of co-founders of the initiative, Dr. Nkechi Mbaezue, stated that the NGO was very passionate about caring for the disabled, “simply because all of us have one disability or the other”.

“LAN Health Initiative is a group of all-women health professionals who come together with a passion to give back to the society

“We have brought 20 pieces of these special wheelchairs which is a form of Mobility especially for people who are unable to walk.

“So, one can use one’s hands to peddle, one can also carry one’s wares around without having to crawl on the ground.

“However, we have also made a commitment with heads of these disabled camps that we would be delivering containers of these items, especially the wheelchairs, crutches, hearing aids, walking sticks for the blind and a whole lot of equipment to the disabled societies in the country,” Mrs Mbaezue added.

Speaking on behalf of the disabled people, Ndidi Okonta who is a deaf, called on the government and other spirited individuals and organization to provide them with hearing aids and interpreters in hospitals and other public facilities, saying that communication gap poses a great threat to their survival.

According to her, there are more than 500 disabled people in the FCT who are left unattended to.

She said: “Today is a day for us but no government agency is organizing something for us. I want to commend the LAN initiative for remembering us.”

“Most people discriminate gainst us because they don’t see us as normal human being. I want to stress here that most of us are graduates with first-class degrees but have no jobs. We the disabled can do beeter than most abled people. Government needs to come to our aid,” Mrs Okotan added.

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