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DISCLAIMER: MMAWT Legacy Initiative sacks ‘mole volunteer’ for sabotage, spying

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The attention of MMAWT Legacy Initiative has been drawn to the activities of some of our members, particularly a suspended member/volunteer of its youth vanguard, by name Abubakar Zarumi.

We wish to clearly state that the said individual has long ceased to be an active member of the youth Vanguard when he was placed on suspension.

However, after the ban he was still available for routine and in some instances occasional exercises as a volunteer.

The management’s eventual decision concluded he should be expelled due to behaviors that negate the exemplary role expected from members of our youth Vanguard.

The said person under the guise of the youth vanguard was an active volunteer for a few years which we appreciate and wish him well.

However, we therefore call on all who transacts any business with him on our behalf or execute any project on our behalf with him at their own risk!

There are men and women alike who are under investigation and when found in similar under dealings shall be extended the same treatment and pushed further.

It is important that we re-state that our foundation has been able to grow a strong brand by sheer hard work, transparency, doggedness, resilience and independence.

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From Government funding or patronage, solely focused on deliverables based on its agenda. And we take it very seriously when any affiliate or employee breaches our terms of employment and terms of engagement .

The young man in his confession made it known he had been a mole and was offered what we cannot offer him hence his dilly dallying to source for information. Though we have had one of such by both men and women in unmeasurable terms, as a guiding principle our founders leadership model of ‘ignore the mundane and face the task at hand’.

We hope the yet to be published list of others will take a cue from  Abubakar’s behavior and shall write to relevant partisan Government appointees who have set the path and relaunched a disastrous poaching mechanisms in governance in what is to be believed as poaching or head hunting as a strategy to remain desperately relevant.

MMAWT Legacy Initiative chose to give the young man what some might appreciate as cheap popularity however, the dangers which could save many more lives and mental healths, since we are an organization known to be passionate about changing lives and helping people achieve their aspirations.

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There are men and women alike who if found in similar under dealings shall be extended the same treatment .

Intellectual property theft and impersonation is a breach in the ambit of the law.

It is important that we re-state that our foundation has been able to grow a strong brand through sheer hard work, transparency, doggedness, focus on deliverables, building bridges and breaking new frontiers based on its agenda.

So we take it very seriously when any affiliate or employee breaches our terms of employment.

Most importantly, the grandstanding believing they have these partisan government employees as what they refer to as God mothers/fathers on sentimental indigenous claims.

Founder’s Remarks:

I find it disheartening in my over 20 years of career development that SENSITISATION should be crucial for upstarts and especially with the spate of insecurities and criminalities abound.

1. Understanding being Political a platform, Apolitical a platform and non political a platform for NGO’s

2. Civil servant riot acts on political activities

3. Portfolio Management and employee integrity

4. The seriousness of intellectual property theft and impersonation

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5. Constitutionality and unconstitutionality of crucial socio-economic terms for proper grasping.

6. Aiding and abetting questionable characters for irrelevant espionage which has caused many their lives, livelihoods, sanity and growth.

7. The role of women in communal, nation states and nation building and the long deliberations globally on inclusion!

Nevertheless, Women are also the stumbling blocks to mentoring the up and coming generation, value of originality and authenticity which can help the theory of behavioural change take precedence in communities on any developmental

Clarion call.

I’d end my comment with inspiring quotes that can ginger all lovers of humanity that  are trying to make a difference in the lives of others .

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”

“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”

“Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just joyfully impacting on lives, which to a greater extent has been the MMAWT Legacy Initiative mantra!


MMAWT Legacy Initiative


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