Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Foundation seeks spiritual, economic revolution for growth


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The Sabitiyu Alare Foundation the caring for the organization and to missionaries both Muslim and Christians organization for the established of industrial institution both in agriculture and industrialization project by providing to the both spiritual and economic outfit as a revolution to solution in curbing the persistent of crime in our society

Chairman of the group, Primate Ayoola omohigbeyin, maintained that poor value system, poor children up bringing lack of transparency and accountability have been show as a major cause of crime. Rather than building trillion value of cathedral and landed properties accusation will pall out pillar of corruption as other vices as society has failed us. We urge church mosques to established farming project for their congregation

People are respecter because of their material rather than and they can the society for the fear of God, people now worship money not god’ the youth with talent now direct it to gambling crime kidnapping ritualist and so on

The important miracle that God will appreciate is total fear of God and love to ourselves getting well established means of live hood for old and young. The greatest is well ground children are the vicissitudes of daily life or overwhelmed by evil in the society. Unlike the ill trained society who are clueless about what direction to go in life they know exactly what they out of life and how to get it

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