Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Why Fr Mbaka is wrong on that Dankwambo prophesy

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Jaafar Jaafar
Jaafar Jaafar is a graduate of Mass Communication from Bayero University, Kano. He was a reporter at Daily Trust, an assistant editor at Premium Times and now the editor-in-chief of Daily Nigerian.
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By Mohammed Jibrin Barde

As usual with him, the controversial priest of the Adoration Church in Enugu, Reverend Father Mbaka has just released his prophesies for the year 2018.

While Rev Fr Mbaka is well known for making ‘predictions’  some of which fall off the mark, I am however drawn to his particular fantasy about Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, the Executive Governor of Gombe State.
If the reverend is well apprised of the state of affairs of Gombe State, he will certainly not recommend Governor Dankwambo as a worthy replacement for the great President Muhammadu Buhari. My intent here is to serve Fr Mbaka with some examples to show  the extent of the damage Governor Dankwambo has done to our State.

It is a well-known fact that Gombe town had battled with lack of portable drinking water since independence. The previous administration of Senator Danjuma Goje took this as a priority and spent over N8billion to ensure the provision of water across the State and specifically within the metropolis of Gombe. Governor Dankwambo refused to make an annual budgetary spending of only N200m required to maintain the supply of water.  Today, you will easily find water in the desert than in Gombe State.

Gombe State Education system was adjudged one of the best in the country. With a State University founded by the previous administration being rated as one of the top 10 State owned Universities in Nigeria as at 2011. As with the water project, Dankwambo refused to continue with the required funding of the university. Today, the university and the entire education system is now in shambles and our classrooms are playground for idle students without teachers who have left en mass  due to unpaid salaries.

On the Health Sector, our hospitals, which were modernised and fully equipped, are now mortuaries and mere consulting clinics.

The International Airport in Gombe that opened the entire North Eastern Region to air travel, both passenger and cargo, has been totally neglected.

The international hotel that was built to cater for travellers and visitors to Gombe state has been neglected and taken over by animals.

The State is struggling under a heavy burden of debt in excess of N100billion in local currency and another $100million in Foreign Currency. The debt service will remain a challenge for future administration.

Despite the Paris Club refunds and bailouts engineered by the Federal Government and the Committee of Governors to assist State Governments clear arrears of workers emoluments, Pensioners from the State are dying waiting to be paid.

These are few examples to show to the extent Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo, with all his accounting credentials, has wreaked havoc in our State in just 6 years of his maladministration. He has reversed the glorious achievements of the previous administration and destroyed all the good works of the Distinguish Senator Danjuma Goje.

Finally, everyone knows ibrahim Dankwambo’s moral deficit will not qualify him for a position of an officer in the Church of Rev Fr Mbaka and therefore wonders what Rev Fr Mbaka saw in such a man as to recommend him to lead our great country. There is more than meets the eyes!

Perhaps, Rev Father Mbaka should come clean and tell Nigerians what his major motivation in making this recommendation. We are aware he ONLY received a handshake from the frugal President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) when he last visited Aso Villa, and maybe more than a handshake from his darling Governor Dankwambo.

I advise Fr Mbaka to travel to Gombe state and visit the State University, hospitals and water projects in Gombe town and all the other 10 local Govt of Gombe state and tell Nigerians his findings.

Muhammad Jibrin Barde

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