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Full transcript of Shekau video: Nigerian Christians use “local Bible”, Virgin Mary is our mother

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By Dawud Nazifi

In the new video obtained by Daily Nigerian on Thursday, Shekau first made a lengthy introduction in Arabic before he started talking in Hausa at 10:53 minutes. In the Arabic preamble, the Boko Haram leader majorly dwelled on thanking Allah, supremecy of Allah, invoking eternal damnation on America, Britain, Russia, etc. He also addressed issues of transgression, Islamic caliphate and prayed for the success of their Jihad, Shariah and Muslims.

The full transcript…

I thank Allah. I thank Allah. I made a short preamble because of the Nigerian transgressors who deceived their forefathers and grandparents. Allah says they are merely the tails of pigs and monkeys.

My message for you transgressors. You Buhari, your age is about 72, since they put you in this nonsense you should repent. You should fear Allah. The Prophet (SAW) once wrote letters in to some major emirs in Medina, and one of them repented. So, Buhari you better repent. With your old age, I swear if didn’t repent you will see.

And you Kukasheka (referring to spokesman of the Nigerian Army, Brigadier General Sani Kukasheka Usman), you are too small for me. Your are a liar, imbecile, the one who is gaining under unbelievers. Unbelievaber like you! You said you finished us. How can you finish one who carries out religious duty? Our fear is to derail from this ideology. This is our ideology. Stop lying to people. How come if you finished us, people will see me like this? How many times did you kill us in the kind of your bogus killing? Just like one of you wondered whether I have nine lives. I swear I have one life. It is just that my days still remain. We just have a belief that whatever Allah wills will happen.

(After railing in Arabic), You have nothing (President Muhammadu) Buhari, you have nothing. And you (Chief of Army staff Tukur Yusuf) Buratai, you know yourself and Allah knows you better than I do. You should know that we are alive and living in peace.  We have not been expelled from anywhere and your surveillance and tactics would never reveal our location unless by Allah’s will.

These white men who advise you with their red lips like Germany, America, Israel, Italy and Russia, do you rely on them?  We rely on Allah whose finger tip is enough to raise the seven heavens and the earth on the Day of Judgment. We believe in Him and trust Him. This is the religion we follow. So you should understand, you Kalarawi (a muslim cleric), or infidel, you were sitting down with Christians and saying that Christmas was celebrated in peace, where would you place Allah’s warning that says (In Arabic), you should not take Jews and Christians as trusted friends. Did you not follow their religion now? Whose religion is democracy? Whose document is the so-called constitution? In our religion, we don’t obey ideas, (even those conceived by the prophet’s most trusted friend) Abubakar Sadiq, if it happens to contradict the views of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself. How then can you embrace ideas put forth by the same white man who urinated on the Holy Qur’an?

Ok. I won’t talk much. But first you should see me here. This is the most important thing. You want to defraud the German people because they gave you money. So, we are here, meaning that you have not been able to defraud the Germans of their money. And if your soldiers want to rest (because they are tired of fighting) and claim that they have done their job, they are lying. We would soon resume our violent campaign (laughs). And if you try, you will see. You will see because our work is for the owner of the heavens and you are below the heavens. Things like playing football, obeying the constitution and democracy, listening to music and dancing and other immoral behavior, do you think it is through these actions that you will gain victory against us?

Just recall the past, yesterday would explain today for you because tomorrow is not yours. This is just what I can tell my brethrens. Oh you Muslims of the world, we are Jama’atu Ahlus Sunnah Lidda’awati wal Jihad who preach and wage holy war with the aim of establishing an Islamic Caliphate. And we have our caliphate, we don’t belong in Nigeria, we are here. So, work hard, stand and fight. Kill infidels, detonate bombs, yes detonate bombs! Just cause explosions! Kill, slaughter and abduct! This is what our true great grandparents did. Not grandparents related to us by blood, not our maternal or paternal grandparents. No, we mean our grandparents in religion. Yes, that was what they did. This is just my message to you. Our campaign has not finished, we have not been defeated Sheka (referring to acting Director of Army Public Relations Brig. Gen. Kukasheka Usman). You have lied, you are finished.

You should continue, these your guns, we don’t depend on them or depend on all these (pointing to some vehicles in the background). We only depend on Allah and no one can know that except Him. Because Ikhlas (absolute trust in Allah), is between the individual and God. Allah knows this and sees even before we were born he knew we would come and do what we do. We are okay with this, you can go and continue your atrocities but we won’t leave our religion and you have not infiltrated us, you are lying.

You say you have captured 1,838 of our members and that the last eight voluntarily submitted themselves to you, while the 30 came from foreign countries and all sort of lies. Lies would not help you. (rails further in Arabic). Democracy is not from Islam (more taunts in Arabic).

The people of Nigeria, you are not resting. We don’t know, is it the ‘pure’ (sachet) water of other sweetened drinks that deceived you to abandon your religion. Ok, we would not leave you and don’t leave us too (more Arabic). Let us start, Allah is stronger than everybody. Oh Allah destroy them, Oh  Allah destroy them, Oh Allah destroy them. Oh Allah, if there is anyone among them who is ignorant, please guide him because we too did not know in the past, but now we know and we won’t stop.

And you Christians, Prophet Isa (Jesus) does not belong to you and he is not the son of Allah. The word of God is not creation. The way you know “Allah” is not creation, the same applies to what He says. The way you know you are a creation, your voice is also creation. So, Christians you are liars, you have no connection whatsoever with our mother Maryam (Virging Mary). You have no business with Jesus. He is the prophet of Allah.

Nigerian Islamic scholars, you have gone astray for holding meetings with Christians. And today is Sunday, between 25 and 26 of the (third) Islamic month of Rabiu Al-Awwal. Today is Sunday, if you receive this message today in the Islamic year of 1438. I gave you the dates so you won’t go and tell lies because you claimed that last Friday, you have defeated us. You are just lying to your people. And you want to celebrate Christmas in peace? You won’t even celebrate the Christmas. And you will see, you see what will happen on the Christmas day (laughs). You Christians should stop practicing this your religion. You were deceived by the Jews and even the bible you use is a “local” version, very “local”. Go and check history, it is the Jews that adulterated it. I swear by Allah, the original Bible is still there in the Al-Aqsa mosque.  You did not follow the religion of Jesus. You are just apostates and the Jews too cannot do anything. But don’t think I’m angry, anybody who comes, even if he has committed atrocities for a thousand years, he would be my brother and no hypocrite would deceive me since I depend on Allah. This is what we want to tell the people. Each time you tell lies to people, Allah gives us opportunity to expose it. And I am Abu Muhammad, Abubakar Ibn Muhammad Al-Shakawi who you have failed to harm. And I am nobody, I am less in value than a piece of stick. But I have superseded your talents and it is shameful for an ignorant person to out-smart an intelligent one since you see me as ignorant. (Concludes with prayers in Arabic).

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