Sunday, May 9, 2021

Government should give arts’ learning priority in schools to discover potential


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An artiste, Gerald Chukwuma, on Friday in Lagos urged the government to give priority to arts’ learning in schools for people to have the needed insights into the art world.

Chukwuma said that this would help to build up the human spirit that would appreciate works done by artistes.

“Learning arts can build up the culture of the people because there is something inside the creative person that he or she needs to make public,” he said.

Chukwuma told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that creativity cannot be bought, but has to be taught.

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This is why the learning of arts should be accorded top priority and be made compulsory in schools, he said.

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The poet, musician, actor, and visual artiste said that artistes have a desire to express what they feel and create something of great value for the society at large.

“You cannot buy that in the market; it should be learned in school and after that government should give the stakeholders the platform to blossom.

“If the country trains several art animators, architects, calligraphers, ceramics artistic designers, photographers, sculptors, it will do the country a lot of good.

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“After training, government has to provide them an enabling environment to thrive; people will not wait on government anymore,” he said.

He also said that the art works produced by artistes should be sold at craft villages and markets across the country and be exported to boost the local economy.

“We do not need to pay more for foreign things as adapting the right processes will earn us our living through what we create,’’ he said.

He said that an art work would always appreciate in value should every other thing depreciate.

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According to him, arts can improve the economic sub-sector of the country.

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“We have to divert into those areas that can create and make things look good for our consumption,’’ he said.

Chukwuma said that envoys appointed by the Federal Government to represent Nigeria in other countries should always promote our culture like other countries’ ambassadors sent to Nigeria do.

He said that many of the foreign embassies used to organise art exhibitions in their offices where they would showcase their countries’ artworks.

He advised our ambassadors to always do same in countries they were posted to.


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