Another blunder detected in President Buhari’s letter to Senate


The January 16 letterA shabby editorial blunder has again been detected in a correspondence from the Presidency to the National Assembly, the second since assumption of President Muhammadu Buhari to office in May last year.

A letter dated January 15, 2016 sent by the Presidency to the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, wrongly referenced an event that took place in December last year as December of this year, 2016.

The letter, seen by DAILY NIGERIAN, contains the president’s readjustment of the 2016 budget proposal.

In October last year, a similar communication from the executive arm to the legislature had the word “ministerial” wrongly spelt as “ministerail”, generating social media criticism.

It was in the president’s letter submitting the final list of ministerial nominees to the National Assembly.

The October 2015 letterBoth communications – the one in October and the latest released this week – were personally signed by President Buhari.

“This is a clear case of shabbiness which no serious government or corporate organization would condone.

“It is a clear case of incapacity and lack of seriousness on the side of the president’s men” said Mr. Tunde Akintunde, a management consultant.

Another commenter on social media described the error as “un-presidential”.

According to him, the error occurred due to president’s failure to appoint a private secretary, who officially manages correspondences in the president’s office.

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  • Olusegun

    Nigeria has bigger problems than to focus on typographical errors. People must learn to be serious about citical issues and stop this child’s play complaint. Even publishers do make mistakes.
    This man is trying to bring sanity into our country and rid the nation of corruption , we all have duty to support the agenda unless we seek no progress in our country.
    Newspapers with good moral and ethical standards should work towards societal progress instead of trivial issues such as spellings.
    Anyway, those who benefited from injustice and social anarchy will never embrace good governance.