Jonathan bought expired arms that killed soldiers instead of Boko Haram – Lai Mohammed

Minister of Culture and Information, Lai Mohammed

The federal government on Monday said all weapons that were procured by the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan to prosecute the war against terrorism were substandard, and so could not have been responsible for success recorded by the military in recent times.

In a statement issued in Abeokuta on Monday, the minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, described as unfortunate the statement credited to former President Goodluck Jonathan as attributing the recent successes in the war to the weapons allegedly bought by his administration that were delivered after he had left office.

He said the present administration owes it a duty to put the record straight, especially because the issues raised by the former president are of public interest and borders on national security.

“The weapons, munitions and equipment which the former president said he bought were refurbished and lacked the basic components and spare parts.

“Additionally, the ammunition bought for both high calibre and small weapons have mostly expired, incompatible with weapons and grossly inadequate.

“It is pertinent to state that the ammunition he was referring to were back loaded because they explode within the barrel when fired, thus leading to deaths and injuries among soldiers,” Mr. Mohammed said.

He explained that the troops also lacked the much-needed lift and operational vehicles and other equipment which they needed for an effective prosecution of the war, until the present administration ameliorated the situation.

“The situation was so pathetic that soldiers were often transported in Civilian JTF vehicles, civilian vehicles, trailers and water tankers when going to the theatres of operation.

“The revelations on the sorry state of things in the past, which have emanated from the investigative panel so far, point clearly to the kind of legacy bequeathed to this administration by the past government.

“That explains why troops remained largely static and were unable to effectively deploy to completely rout the Boko Haram terrorists in all their known enclaves.

“The high level of casualties sustained by our gallant soldiers was most unprecedented and cannot be compared to any known military operations in recent times, all because of the terrible state of affairs suffered by the military under the Jonathan administration.

“Apparently because the former President Jonathan could not understand how credible and dedicated leadership could impact positively on the morale and performance of troops, he had chosen to denigrate the system for the unprecedented feat that was achieved within the first six months of the Buhari administration – something that he could not achieve in all of six years!

“It is also clear, as has been shown so far by the outcome of the panel probing past arms deals, that the purchase of substandard weapons apparently resulted from the massive corruption that enveloped the deals, the kind of horrifying graft that saw the purchase of refurbished choppers that lacked rotors, or fighter jets that could not be deployed to the theatre of war because they were not up to par.

“The needless loss of lives of many of our gallant troops, resulting from the lack of standard weaponry and low morale in the past, is not a matter to be trivialized under any circumstance,” the minister said.

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  • Lie a lyer because u said it with ur mounth that the ur govt has destroyed bokoharam technically and now changing it to substandard weapons lol.pls lie not cos lie won’t favour ur incapacitated government.

  • mrs n

    Men don’t have fear of God. Every man will be judged according his work. Before you judge, check yourself.

  • Chris

    Lai Mohammed don’t worry bcs we all know that u re highest liar in Nigeria so don’t worry so much if we ll believe dis ur cock and bull story , we knw DAT u don lie again join the ones u lie b4

  • sanyasti

    Hello lie, last year you told us in this country that Jonathan did not buy ammunition for the military, today you lie Mohammed use your mouth to tell us that Jonathan bought substandard weapons that kill our able solders, which of your statement can we believe?, you need not destroy human being like you because of position, you will not be there forever and God will judge you. Jonathan is a complete gentleman, Basukigate as you tag it, the whole truth will soon open when the matter reach court because nobody hear from Dasuki and co except all you are telling us, there was a time you told us Jonathan did not do anything, what of the train today,roads school,

  • cele

    Lie Mohammed u ar lying to us as if we are not in this country. Tell that to the birds.

  • Chydon

    Men lie mohammad you need to have your own hell opened specially for you….how you come lie pass devil.. The father of all liers..
    Anyway is people that will believe your words…because to me is mumbo jumbo…