Kwankwaso/Ganduje feud escalates, as lawmakers abandon red cap


In a sharp turn of events since the implosion of the long standing disagreement between the Kano State Governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje and his predecessor, Engineer Rabiu Musa Kankwaso, lawmakers in the state have taken the first bold step by discarding the red cap that symbolises Kwankwaso’s reign.

Thirty-four of the 40 members of the Kano State House of Assembly this afternoon stormed the Kano Government House in solidarity visit to Governor Ganduje, adorning caps other than red, which was hitherto official headgear for the Kano government officials.

Ganduje and his deputy, Professor Hafizu Abubakar – a close confident of Kwankwaso, were the only two persons with red cap during the function.

Addressing the governor during the visit, the speaker of the state assembly, Hon. Kabiru Rurum urged Governor Ganduje to abandon the red cap tradition.

He said there was no point keeping the red cap tradition when Kwankwaso and his supporters show no respect for the incumbent governor.

The speaker said the entire state assembly is behind the governor, reaffirming that as the sitting governor, Ganduje is the leader of the party in the state.

But responding, Governor Ganduje, who was adorning the Kwankwaso-styled red cap urged the lawmakers not to arrive at decision because of provocation, asking them to continue using the symbolic cap.

He however expressed happiness that the house has rightly identified with him and has shown maturity by identifying with the established line of authority.

On his second coming as governor in 2011, Kwankwaso enforced a dress code on himself and the state officials comprising white garment and assorted red caps.

The dressed code, according to Kwankwaso was symbolic of what he called “the Kwankwasiyya ideology”, with him as the inspiration.

Even as Kwankwaso relinquished his position to Ganduje, his erstwhile deputy, after the 2015 elections, the tradition of the red cap continued to flourish.

However, as rift between the two political giants secretly widened, some appointees in the Ganduje government begin to disregard the red cap culture.

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