Sunday, March 7, 2021

Heavy rains threaten Nigeria’s $764.7m cocoa output, farmers raise alarm


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Cocoa farmers under the auspices of Cocoa Association of Nigeria, CAN, have expressed concerns about possible loss due to the heavier rainfall and poor sunshine being experienced across some parts of the country.

Speaking with newsmen, the president of CAN, Sayina Riman, lamented that, if the development persisted, farmers may lose $765million of cocoa output.

DAILY NIGERIAN reports that this year’s output is estimated at 325,000 tonnes, which also translates to $2,353 price per tonne, amounting to $764.725 million.

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However, according to him, there may be a possibility of poor bean quality and black pod as sunny weather is always good for a bigger bean size.

Mr Riman said the 2018/19 season has seen flash floods, adding that black pod is coming and it would be evident in the main crop.

“Cocoa trees need a delicate balance of rainy and dry weather. Too little rain and they wither; too much and they become susceptible to insects or fungal black pod disease.

“Beans can also go mouldy if small farmers are unable to dry them outside,” he noted.

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