How Buhari ignored Kano-Abuja in approving Lagos-Calabar road – Galadima

Buba Galadima
Buba Galadima

A former President Muhammadu Buhari’s Chief Campaigner, Buba Galadima, has lamented the president’s alleged preference to the South over the Northern of the country in terms of spreading the dividend of democracy.

Mr Galadima was particular about the recently approved contract for the construction of a 120 KM Lagos-Calabar road, leaving behind the approval for the construction Kano-Abuja express way.

Speaking in a video footage that went viral on social media, Mr Galadima said the Buhari’s administration had budgeted for the reconstruction of the Kano-Abuja express way, but the project is yet to commence.

Mr Galadima also alleged that the Lagos-Calabar road project was initially awarded at the rate of over N100 billion, thereafter it skyrocketed to N300 billion.

The APC chieftain claimed that another billions of naira was approved for the Lagos-Ibadan express way project.

Mr Galadima decried how northern region, where the president came from, was left out in terms of enjoying the full dividend of democracy as enjoyed by the South.

“The Buhari’s administration has approved N300 million for Lagos-Calabar way, in which it terms East-West road project. Another project, Lagos-Ibadan is under construction, but ironically the North has got nothing.

“The government has budgeted for the Kano-Abuja road but it is yet to commence, and nothing has been approved for the project. We want to see projects in the north as we see in the south.

“The Lagos-Ibadan road project is of high quality that could take up to 40 years without developing defects. So we want to see similar in the north.

“I call on the Federal government to not say it would repair the Kano-Abuja way, it should completely reconstruct it in high quality as well. We want to see a quality road like those of Lagos-Ibadan and Lagos-Calabar in the north.

“Even this rail project, from Lagos-Kano, should have been started simultaneously from both states and eventually meet at the centre.

“We don’t agree with the federal government’s directives to start the project from Lagos.

“Let it also start from Kano State, so that the project meets at the centre. There are a lot of mistakes being made by this government, but we will not remain silent until the government to the needful.

“We will remain in APC, unless we are expelled, or we will continue to tell the truth to government until it does the right thing.

“We are criticising this government because we are its friends and lovers, because we want it to succeed. Without challenge, the government will definitely forget us.

“We are not like those people who remain silent at a time when it is our turn to enjoy the dividend of democracy.

“Buhari is from North, so we need to feel the impact of being a leader that is from our region. This government must do to us what it is doing to southern part of Nigeria.

“It is good to tell the truth to the government and advise it to heed to our comments. In future, it would become clear that we have told the truth and would not be available when our advices and challenges would be needed,” he said.