Sunday, June 13, 2021

IBB Golf Club confers permanent membership status on Lalong


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J.K. Gadzama, SAN (left); Bauchi State Governor, M.A. Abubakar; Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State and First Vice President of Nigeria Bar Association, Caleb Dajan, at the tournament organized for the Plateau State governor at the Lamingo Golf Club, Jos.

The IBB International Golf Club in Abuja at the weekend conferred on Plateau State Governor, Simon Bako Lalong, a permanent membership status. Reacting to his new status, Lalong said it was a fulfillment of what he had been dreaming of, adding that it would give him the confidence to play the game successfully.

“Each time I played at the club, they would say I was not yet a full member. The former Captain of the Golf Club would intimidate me like that. They would say I should not forget that I was not yet a full member. Then I would withdraw.

“But now that I am a full member, when I go there, I don’t have any reason to doubt anybody or to fear anybody. I thank you very much for accepting my nomination and also my full membership of IBB Golf Club. I have started in Plateau State. By next year I will make sure you will see my contributions in IBB, now that I am a full member.

“Secondly, I also want to thank the chairman of the President of the Golfers’ Federation, our dear father, General I.B.M. Haruna for another special investiture on me today. I know that a lot of people have been struggling to wear this coat. So, you can see that today I am wearing this coat. Those of you who want to be professionals, please, join us to get here. So, anywhere I play golf I will make sure I have this coat now, even when it is not necessary so that they will know this is not an ordinary golfer.

I thank you for that investiture and for the honour on me.”Golf, according to Lalong, inculcates discipline and honesty in the player “because if you are cheating somebody, it will come to a point where you will be exposed. The lesson is that if you see your neighbour in trouble, please try to help him because you will pray that, that thing will not happen to you, and again honesty and discipline.”

Chairman, Board of Trustees of Lamingo Golf Club, Jos, Air Marshall Jonah Wuyep, thanked the Governor for accepting the tournament to hold in Lamingo Golf Course, as has been the tradition, and appealed for the governor’s continuous support for the development of the game.

Captain of the Club, Prof. Nuhu Dakum, described the golf course as unique in several ways, including the natural rocky terrain, the best of its kind in Africa and probably in the world, the beautiful overlooking seaside, the beautiful trees many of which are in progress and the natural cool weather.According to Dakum, “You will notice that the course is work in progress, with 10 of the Holes already at 90 per cent green.”

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