Don’t denigrate Sahaba, Mufti Menk cautions in Kano mosque sermon

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Renowned international preacher, Sheikh Isma’il Mufti Menk, has led thousands of worshippers in Juma’at prayer at BUK Old Campus mosque, Kano.

Delivering a sermon, which was later translated into Hausa by Dr. Sani Musa Ayagi, Mufti Menk prayed for peaceful coexistence in Nigeria and peace in the world.

The theme of the sermon focused on “Preparing for the life after death, clinging to the Qur’an and holding fast to it in terms of constant reading, searching for and studying its meaning, and living it (abiding by its teachings and its injunctions), and holding on to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and avoiding innovations and heresy”.

“Any day that passes without reading the Qur’an is a failure. One should consider that day as a day of loss or a lost day,” he said.

While calling on Muslims not to denigrate or abuse the companions of Prophet Muhammed (SAW), he stressed the importance of following the teachings and deeds of the Holy Prophet.

The Zimbabwean cleric, who commands large social media following, also preached for repentance, good conduct and tolerance, urging Muslims to live peacefully with non-Muslims.

“I urge you to live peacefully with non-Muslims. Consider every non-Muslim as potential Muslim,” he said during the well-attended sermon.

Harping on good conduct, Mufti Menk reminded the worshippers that the merchants who spread Islam to Africa were mainly on trading mission not evangelism.

He said the good conduct, trustworthiness and other noble qualities that endeared people to accept Islam.

Mufti Menk, who later delivered lecture at Al-Furqan Mosque, is expected to deliver another lecture titled “Our Youth, Our Future”, at The Afficent event centre on Saturday.