Friday, June 2, 2023

Iran threatens Israel with retaliation after death of guard in Syria

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Tehran on Friday threatened retaliation following the death
of an Iranian revolutionary guard in Syria by a suspected Israeli air strike.

Iran’s Tasnim news agency reported that the Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) military adviser was
killed on Friday morning near the Syrian capital Damascus.

It was the second Israeli airstrike within 24 hours, according to Syrian sources.

The state agency SANA said two Syrian soldiers had already been injured in an attack on Thursday.

However, the Israeli military did not comment on the attack. Earlier this month, Israel had bombed Aleppo’s airport.

A week ago, a U.S. military contractor was killed and several U.S. soldiers injured following a drone attack on a
military base in north-eastern Syria.

The U.S. military blamed the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and then flew attacks on targets belonging to their allies.

U.S. troops were sent to Syria in 2015 to support the fight against the Islamic State terrorist militia (IS). Experts
warned of an escalation after the attacks.

Israel regularly attacks the neighbouring country in efforts to prevent Iran from expanding
military influence with the help of militias. Russia and Iran are Syria’s most important


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