Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Is Buhari really in charge?, by Ademola Adeoye

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A few hours ago, a memo written by the National Security Adviser (NSA), Babagana Monguno was leaked by a faceless inner-circle member, who sleeps and wakes up—on the inside of Aso Rock. Monguno intrepidly accused Abba Kyari of taking security-decisions without the knowledge of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria! The memo also reveals that Abba Kyari makes it difficult for Buhari to achieve his goal—in a context of solving our varied insecurity problems. And till this moment, the presidency is yet to say a word on the leaked-memo. Humorously, I guess they are working hard (behind the scenes) to spin it.

On the inside of the leaked-memo, Babagana also said that many gains recorded in the effort to secure the nation are being undermined owing to the interventions of Kyari who allegedly presides over meetings with service chiefs and diplomatic officials in the absence of the NSA. These are heavy and weighty allegations, considering what we are currently going through as a nation. In developed countries, where active citizens ask questions and truly hold their leaders accountable, the leaked-memo would have given birth to varied nation building activities. Baba needs to thank his star for leading a country as Nigeria, because there are some things that only Nigerians can accept and take without asking probing-questions.

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Most Nigerians are too poor, disenfranchised and oppressed to ask liberating-questions. They have been deliberately made poor, so that the only thing that consistently comes to their mind is how to feed themselves and their malnourished-families. Hungry people do not have the time to read through a leaked-memo, let alone ask questions on the pertinent issues raised therein by Monguno.
When Baba’s wife cried out some months ago that her husband is merely occupying the highest office in the land—without being in power, Nigerians did think she did not know what she was saying. She said some outlandish and odd people, who never swore to any oath have taken over the highest office in our beloved country. I am sure those who did not believe her then would believe her now after reading through the leaked-memo.

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One of the reasons Dr Goodluck was voted out of power was because Nigerians saw someone who was just occupying an office without being in power. Nigerians wanted someone who could truly call the shots. And as an effect of this, the brand of a man who has the skillfulness of hand and integrity of heart was sold to Nigerians, but today the brand of PMB appears weaker than that of GEJ. We probably bought the brand of Idiagbon, thinking it was Buhari, who was in power during his first coming! Today, insecurity on the watch of baba has moved from being bad to worse!

Whenever Buhari meets with our service chiefs, it usually hits the airwaves, saying he is meeting with them “behind closed-doors,” but when Abba Kyari meets with them, it is usually behind the scenes, away from the media! Babagana’s memo indirectly reveals that the instruction Kyari gives our service chiefs is quite different from the instructions Buhari gives them. And till now, Abba Kyari’s head is yet to roll! Who exactly is calling the shots in Aso Rock? People are needlessly dying as an effect of the monkeyshines and high jinks that are going on in Aso Rock. This can only happen in Nigeria. And it’s quite sad!

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Away from the leaked-memo (which reveals a man who is in office, but clearly not in power), in a nation where the citizens are “sleeping on the streets” for fear of being attacked by terrorists, building a wall as tall as “Cocoa-House” and strong as the “Wall of Jericho” cannot help those in both the National Assembly and House of Representatives. If the common man is vulnerable to terrorist attacks, political leaders too are endangered species. In any nation where the poor cannot be protected, the rich people also are endangered species! From the president to peasants, we are all swimming in the deadly poor of insurgency as an effect of paucity of political willpower, duplicity and credulity from those in the corridors of power.

When baba left Maiduguri, Shekau, leader of a dreaded terrorist group released a video, saying that President Buhari should never come to Borno State again. I am talking about Shekau, the man, who was killed many times when GEJ was in power and was also killed when baba took over power from Goodluck! He must be a cat with about a million lives! A sect that has been tactically defeated by the administration of baba is the one that is threatening him!

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Also, Shekau, Boko Haram leader said that if baba dares to come to Borno that he would attack him! I never knew a day like this would come in our country. In the same vein, he ordered his blood-sucking-boys to go after one of the Ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Isa Pantami, because he is planning to block mobile communication lines in order to frustrate the operation of Boko Haram insurgents! We are deceiving ourselves when we say that we have defeated Boko Haram.

A few hours ago, the Executive governor of Borno State, his Excellency; Mr. Zulum spoke unambiguously, which is contrary to how politicians speak. He said we need about 100,000 more soldiers, on the condition that we are truly serious and staid about defeating Boko Haram. He said and I quote verbatim, “Take my words, they (the military) do not have the manpower, they do not have the equipment…” Who are we going to believe, the Federal Government of Nigeria or the Executive governor of Borno State? Long ago, the Federal government of Nigeria said our soldiers are well equipped, but a few hours ago, Zulum shocked all of saying that they are not well equipped. On behalf of our soldiers, I appeal to baba and everyone concerned to kindly adequately equip them.

Mr Adeoye is a public affairs analyst.

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