Kannywood Can Be Like Hollywood If…, says Ali Nuhu

Ali Nuhu
Ali Nuhu
Ali Nuhu

Kannywood superstar, Ali Nuhu, has said that Hausa movie industry, Kannywood, stands a chance of going in tandem with American movie industry, Hollywood, in term of standard.

Ali, who is currently in United States of America studying cinematic art at University of Southern California, stated this through online chat organized by his fans.

“Certainly it will (reach Hollywood standard) but after a long time. Because when Hollywood took off there weren’t trained professional but gradually they opened schools of media and filmmaking which helped the industry. I am sure such will happen to Kannywood with time,” he said.

The actor also said collaboration between the mighty industries would immensely boast the capacity of Kannywood and take it to global stage.

He noted that such collaboration would not be real if actors were not interacting with their counterparts across the globe.

“Collaborations with other movie industries in the world can only be reached when you get to meet people, interact and possibly come up with ideas that could be socially and commercially viable to both woods, which I personally intend to do.

“Looking at the way Nigerians are spread all over the globe, there are issues that need to be addressed regarding the way Nigerians live their lives around the globe,” he said.

Ali further stated that despite outcry from film viewers that the local industry is not producing movies of international standard, he expressed hope that he would soon devise ways of ensuring Nigerian films circulate around the world.

He added that Hausa movie industry is in dire need of cinemas so as to reduce cost of production.

“Talking about standard movies, we shouldn’t forget that we do homevideos in Kannywood not cinema movies due to the market availability.

“Such movies can only be made when many cinemas are available to screen movies same time and regain at least the cost of producing the movie,” he added.

Ali Nuhu is expected to return to Nigeria in the couple of months.