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Kogi: Like late Daniel Usman, like late Salome Abuh, by Abdullahi Yunusa ProfWills 


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Nigeria isn’t a country worth dying or suffering for, Let’s be guided on this. It is a country that cares less about the welfare, safety, security and rights of her citizens, especially those who are outside the corridors of power and had no access to our collective patrimony and privileges. So, live under no illusion that Nigeria values or appreciates you as a citizen.

I often cringe in utter disbelief each time I see people who deliberately put themselves in harm’s way with the belief or hope that either the country or humanity would rise in their defence should things go wrong. It’s a big, fat lie. As far as I am concerned, Nigeria ranks zero when it comes to defending the interest or rights of her citizens against internal and external oppressors.

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In the same manner we failed to get justice for late Daniel Usman who was killed during the February 2019 presidential election in Anyigba, Kogi state, by known political thugs, so would likely be the case in handling the mindless killing of late Mrs. Salome Acheju Abuh by suspected political thugs in Kogi State a day after the last governorship election in the state.

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Forget all the cliched directives flying around, including the one from President Muhammadu Buhari for the police to get the killers of Mrs. Abuh arrested, we shouldn’t expect anything serious at the end of the day. This is Nigeria.

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Didn’t they promise to fish out the killers of little Daniel Usman whose only offence was his resolve to exercise his franchise as a citizen? Sadly, nine months after the youngster breathed his last breath in the most gruesome manner, no single arrest had been made. Just like several other unresolved politically motivated deaths, the case has been swept under the carpet.

The message is simple, in all your engagements ensure you watch your back and stay safe, because nothing gets done when you are down. The poor and powerless people hardly get justice in this part of the world. This is the sad reality facing us today.

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May their souls find rest in the bosom of the Lord, and may He grant their respective families the fortitude to stay strong. Amen.

Yunusa writes from Abuja.

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