Manhunt for London tube bombers intensified

Daily Nigerian
Armed police stand guard outside Parsons Green station. Photo: AFP

From Muritala Bakare, London

British anti-terror police are in a race to identify the perpetrators of the London tube attack, just as Scotland Yard are scouring through CCTV in a bid to apprehend the attackers.

At 8:20 Friday morning, suspected terrorists detonated an improvised explosive device on the train at Persons Green station in west London.

Eyewitnesses reported to have seen passengers in the tube scrambling, screaming and trying to escape from the pandemonium caused by the explosion.

Ryan Barnett, who was on the train when the explosion happened, said: “I was sitting there, headphones in, at Persons Green, the doors open fine, I’m not really paying attention and all of a sudden hundreds of people run past me screaming a mixture of ‘stampede’, ‘attack’, ‘terrorist’, ‘explosion,’ ‘get off the train’, ‘everyone run.”

Another eyewitness, Rachel Green, who was working at a coffee shop near the station said: “We heard a bang and then we realised there were many distressed people leaving the station. We went to console them.”

She added that: “There were over hundred women coming out without shoes, battered and bruised, and they’d left their handbags behind.

“There was talk of a fire. Two people came into the shop with their clothes burnt off, who said they saw a fire coming towards them. There were mothers with babies, it was the school rush time. I’m really shocked – this is a quiet family-friendly area.”

The homemade explosion which failed to detonate fully injured twenty-two people who are currently receiving treatment in the hospital.

Police are already appealing for people who have videos or photos of the attack to contact them and they (the Police) are already gathering more intelligence to expedite their investigation.

Prime Minister Theresa May already held a Cobra meeting with her cabinets, police and some members of the civil service in order to quickly get to the bottom of this.

“The threat of terrorism that we face remains severe but by working together we will defeat them,” she said.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, also said the police are already on a manhunt for the attackers and the perpetrators would be caught and brought to justice.