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18 members of Nasiru Kabara family write Buhari, say Abduljabbar’s “recorded preachings” manipulated

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Eighteen sons and daughters of the late leader of Qadiriyya Movement, Sheikh Nasiru Kabara, have written to President Muhammadu Buhari, seeking his intervention over alleged persecution of one of them, Abduljabbar Kabara.

Mr Kabara is currently facing charges of blasphemy at a Kano court after he was declared loser in a debate with the state Ulama.

But the family says in a letter obtained by DAILY NIGERIAN that the preachings of their detained brother was “unjustifiably manipulated” in order to rope charges of blasphemy against him.




Dear Sir,

With all due respect and humility to you sir, we the begotten children (males and females) of Maulana Sheikh (Dr.) Muhammad Nasiru Kabara, wish to lay our complaint before you, as a leader and father to all, who will never support injustice.

We use this medium to lay our complaint before you, to come into this matter concerning our blood brother Sheikh Abduljabbar Sheikh Nasir Kabara, who is being unjustifiably persecuted by some clerics in Kano who harbor personal and unfounded grudges against our brother, to achieve personal interests and ambition, where those personalities unjustifiably manipulated our brothers recorded preachings and falsely accused him blasphemous statements against the personality of the Holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (SAWA) with the aim of blackmailing and destroying him completely.

The actions of the so-called mentioned interest group are all geared towards selfish interests because they have intellectual differences and personal quarrels with our brother Sheikh Abduljabbar Sheik Nasir Kabara.

Your Excellency Sir, we assure you that all the allegations by the so-called Islamic clerics of Kano are fabrications and deliberate misrepresentations against our brother Sheik Abduljabbar done for the purpose of achieving personal interests, as we said earlier. Actually, what they are trying to link with our brother are the issues he had been fighting against for decades.

We further assure His Excellency that, we the begotten children of Sheikh Nasir Kabara, based on the teachings we received from our late father, to love, to respect and follow the tradition of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), we will never support anybody who insults the personalities of the Holy Prophet (SAWA).

Whoever knows our brother Sheikh Abduljabbar, knows him in the forefront of defending the image and personality of the Holy Prophet (SAWA) and inculcating the love and respect of the Holy Prophet (SAWA) in the hearts of all believers.

As a matter of urgency, we humbly and respectfully call on you Sir, to come into the issue to stop the planned persecution and injustice against our brother.

We finally wish your Excellency good health, more wisdom and success.

We remain loyal.

  1. Sheikh Ibrahim Mu’azzam Sheikh Nasir Kabara
  2. Sheikh Sidi Musal Qasiyuni Sheikh Nasir Kabara
  3. Malam Askiya Sheikh Nasir Kabara
  4. Malam Yahya Sheikh Nasir Kabara
  5. Malam Aburumana Sheikh Nasir Kabara
  6. Sayyidah Saratu Sheikh Nasir Kabara
  7. Sayyidah Nafisatu Sheikh Nasir Kabara
  8. Sayyidah Khudriyyah Sheikh Nasir Kabara
  9. Sayyidah Zam’atu Sheikh Nasir Kabara
  10. Sayyidah Saffanatu Sheikh Nasir Kabara
  11. Sayyidah Aishatu Mannubiyyah Sheikh Nasir Kabara
  12. Sayyidah Ummu Aimanal Habashiyyah Sheikh Nasir Kabara (I)
  13. Sayyidah Khadijatul Habashiyyah Sheikh Nasir Kabara (II)
  14. Sayyidah Huza’iyyah Sheikh Nasir Kabara
  15. Sayyidah Jamila Sheikh Nasir Kabara
  16. Sayyidah Bulkisu Sheikh Nasir Kabara
  17. Sayyidah Rukayya Sheikh Nasir Kabara
  18. Sayyidah Hansa’u  Sheikh Nasir Kabara

Sheikh Sidi Musal Qasiyuni Sheikh Nasir Kabara

(For the above named Brothers and Sisters)

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