How nepotism, god-fatherism crept into CBN staff’s promotion exercise

By Ibrahim Sha’aban

The staff members of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, especially those who sat for the 2016 promotion examinations, are taken aback by the recent release of the result.

In a circular from the office of the Governor of the bank, Godwin Emefiele, only 552 out of the 2342 staff members are successful for promotion.

However, the bank’s management did not state any reason for the mass failure.

“The promotion exercise, which had long been overdue, was reluctantly conducted by the management, just to satisfy righteousness that is why it was fraught with a lot of hanky-panky activities.

“Also, the shrinking of the number from thousands into hundreds is also capable of eliciting suspicious thinking,” a source said.

According to a document obtained by DAILY NIGERIAN, out of the 197 Principal Managers, only 45 were promoted to the post of Assistant Directors.

Also, 56 were promoted to the rank of Principal Managers, out of the 244 Senior Managers that sat for the exams.

Out of the 128 Assistant Directors that sat for the exams, only 20 of them were made Deputy Directors.

Of the 140 Managers seeking for promotion into Senior Managerial cadre, only 80 of them were selected.

The same thing goes to those 532 Deputy Managers that were due to be made Managers, but only 95 of them saw the light of the day.

Worse still, of the 500 Assistant Managers, that sat for the promotion exams, only smattering 125 of them were selected for the Deputy Managerial positions.

Lastly, the hope of 601 Senior Supervisors, who were to be crowned as Assistant Managers, was dashed when only a fraction 131 was selected for the promotion.

By this analysis, only 556 people would be promoted, while the 1790 others could not scale through the exercise, according the Bank’s management.

However, in a bid to find out the reasons behind this anomaly, DAILY NIGERIAN correspondent cultivated an inside source who authoritatively said that the mass failure was as a result of a discrepancy hatched by the bank’s governor, Mr Emefiele and his yes-men.

The source went further to say that those promoted were only the highly connected staff members who belong to the families of who-is-who in the country.

“Staffers that have connections with top politicians, business moguls and top bureaucrats in the country were mostly the ones promoted.

“Most surprisingly though, bogus of these people did not pass the examination, they only tabled their demand before their god-fathers and before you knew it, their names appear on the list of promoted.

“I sensed a discrepancy, seeing that it took the management years before they could release the result, possibly because they had to indulge in wider, shady consultations and in order to appease the powers-that-be in the country,” the source said.

However, when DAILY NIGERIAN contacted the spokesperson of the apex bank, Isaac Okorafor, he demanded that the inquiry be sent to him through text message.

Mr Okorafor is yet to reply the text message sent to him seeking his reaction on the matter.