Day Kano stood still for Qadiriyyah sect’s Maukibi festival – See 20 pictures


Thousands of the adherents of the Qadiriyyah Movement, on Saturday converged on Kano to celebrate the group’s 65th Annual Maukibi festival.

Commercial activities in the heart of the city were disrupted as the procession moved through Makwarari, Koki, Kofar Mazugal, IBB Road and Katsina Road, where the group’s sanctuary is located.

The festival, which is organised to commemorate the birthday of the group’s founder, Sheikh AbdulQadir Jilani, attracted adherents around the world, particularly Africa.

Wearing different shades of dresses, dancing to the tune of their drum (bandir) and chanting songs in Hausa and Arabic, the adherents moved from Darul Qadiriyyah, the base of the spiritual leader, Sheikh Qaribullah Nasiru kabara, to Wali Mai Giginya Mausoleum.Maukibi 1Maukibi 2Maukibi 3Maukibi 4Maukibi 5Maukibi 6Maukibi 7maukibi 8Maukibi 9Maukibi 10Maukibi 11Maukibi 12Maukibi 13Maukibi 14Maukibi 15Maukibi 16Maukibi 17Maukibi 18Maukibi 19Maukibi 20

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