Nigeria spends N14,000 daily to feed each prisoner – Minister

Interior Minister Abdulrahman Dambazau

Nigerian government is annually spending N10billion for feeding of prisoners in the country, minister of Interior, AbdurRahman Dambazau has said.

With the country’s estimated prison population of 57,000, the government is roughly spending N14,000 for a three-square meal of each prisoner per day.

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Kaduna on Tuesday, Dambazau said his ministry is searching inward to see how it can harness some revenue sources in the sector to complement government’s efforts.

“It is unacceptable for government to be commiting N10 billion every year on feeding of prison inmates,” Dambazau said.

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  • Sadiq Tukur

    If the Nigerian Government is feeding prisoners with N14000 daily then it is better to be in prison than to be outside and earn N18000 minimum wage monthly. N14000 daily translates to N540000 monthly. That is more than the salary of a Director in the Federal Civil Service. I know the prisoners are fed with N500 or less daily while the bureaucrats share N17500 daily. May God save our country from corruption.

  • james noble

    This is a blatant lie, how possible is it to spend 14k to feed a prisoner daily. please stop insulting the sensibilities of Nigerians. Though ur govt has succeed ed in battering the psyche of Nigerians but we are not all fools.

  • Jeff

    Prisoners 14000naira/day… NYSC members 500naira/day…. . Nigeria is actually a zoo.

  • smith

    this is a corrupt statement from a serving minister. he should go to jail and enjoy 14,000 naira meal per day.

  • Sir Baanah

    I don’t know if you mean #140.00 cause if every inmate is fed with 14000.00 as claimed, I will commit a hardcore crime which will send me to life imprisonment. mtsweeeeeeew.

  • Asimi Oyesade

    If there are members of NASS in there u can spend that. Oga! Na lie. This is corruption at its best.

  • Hussaini

    Not even N2,000.00 is daily spent for each prisoner in reality. It is better for the government to urgently do something about this feeding of a thing, pls.

  • Nkem Nosike

    Haba MINISTER!!!

  • mohammed adamu

    unbelievable how can a prisoner earn #14000 daily just for a meal. I think people use to eat three times a day, why not # 1500

  • ubong bodmas umoh

    Big big talk… big big lie

  • Chinweuba G Nwolise

    Chai what a lie,14,000 naira x 57 inmate=798,000,000,×30 days =23,940,000,000×12 months=287,280,000,000 naira someone have help me on this.thats why UK prim minister called Nigeria fantastically corrupt.

  • Fourteen thousand naira abi? Shebi they re being fed in the transcorp hilton. 14k

  • Thief thief kill all of una bokohari. And him evil change

  • Akande

    Nigeria is totally collapsed not is collapsing its only God that can re-build it. Useless leaders I wonder if a minister can say this to the public without proper editting

  • K . Umosen

    This man must have arrived from a different planet. #14,000 on a prisoner a day when they struggle to pay minimum wage of 18k?
    Our public office holders should stop fooling themselves in public.

  • anene

    what a big fat lie, ask prisoner in d best prison in nigeria abt d food he gets, below #500 a whole day. find dat leakage and block it. if a prisoner feeds on #14k a day, how come dey look drained and frail upon visits or release?

  • felix onyemachi

    Bhr shld probe prison now b4 dis mess go round

  • Oluyomi

    Something is not right here you will you spend 14k on a prisoner. These people don’t get there facts right. It shows he spends more than that feeding himself daily if he can come out to tell us that 1 prisoner is being fed with 14k each day.

  • Pius

    God will surely punish whosoever that wrote this very big lies. If NIgeria is spendind that much per prisoner, why havnt the whole citizens chosen to be sent to jail? Isnt life alot better in prisions than moving freely in the country where more than majority of the populations are rooming about in abject poverty and near death starvations. Dambazau is from APC Party and EFCC will not find good reasons to jail him for this daylight robbery. Thief Thief government. Britain is being very linent with Nigeria by calling this administration, ‘a fantastically corrupt leadership”. I weep for my nation.

  • Endlex victor

    How could it be possible to spend 14,000 naira to feed a prisoner daily? Oh my God,

  • Adegoke Ademola

    Does this makes sense….they’ve made an average Nigeria so stupid to state such comments on televised program…what are they eating…even if they’re giving KFC as three square meal its not up to N5,000. I stand to be corrected, those inmates hardly eat a meaningful one meal… See how many prison personnel’s and the commission way supposed start prison term ( from 1975-2016)… I beg Efcc make Una jump to work.

  • francis

    How can a minister be bold enough to tell a whole nation that it cost’s the federal government 10 billion to feed 57000 people in a year and they say they are fighting corruption. A prisoner consumes 14000 for 3 square mail a day, what are they eating? EFCC should take note

  • The minister of Interior, AbdurRahman Dambazau does not know he was talking about. Which of the prisons did he visit to confirm that the prisoners are well -fed,let alone talking about the government roughly spending N14,000 for a three-square meal of each prisoner per day.
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  • Lawal bello

    Feeding prisoners with 14,000 daily is another DASUKI get, baba should pls fully investigate this matter

  • Mary

    This is absurd. Where is this happening? It cannot be in Nigerian Prisons that we know.

  • Chinasa chukwuemeka

    Pls our dear minister for interior, kindly go through d major big prisons in nigeria and take a survey of the quality of food given to the prisoners that even led to most of them getting seriously sick and paled. Also find of if the cooks nd the kitchen staffs and their families are members of these prisoners because they are the ones nd the prisoner controllers diverting these food and huge some of money tnx for ur research. Chinasa from imo state

  • ofeimun

    I am happy to observe the current revelations on the past unguarded and uncontrolled gross mismanagement of our common wealth. But will be happier to see what punishment is netted on the perpetuators of the observed sleeze. Haba Nigeria. Sunday.

  • Anonymous

    Great lies and deceit. That can only be true if he is mistaking Naira for Zimbabwean Dollars. Enough of all these blatant lies, because we are full to the teeth.

  • Inatimi A. Sampson

    Which should dey b fed twice a day as prisoners rather than twice…. N14,000 per day is more than d feeding allowance of average non-prisoners! that’s why some of them come the worst…. big lie Mr minister

  • MZ

    We all eat in our houses and restaurants. I am sure we do not spend such amounts n food daily for all our families.

    Another corruption practice in play.

    N14,000.00 is take home pay for a whole family.

    They must be getting the food from a 5 start hotel I guess

  • Lanre

    With this Revelation by the Minister, its very clear and glaring that the management of Nigerian Prisons are FRANTICALLY CORRUPT. The Present Government should set up Commission of Enquary to look into the Running COSTS for The Nigeraian Prison. How much does it cost for an average Nigerain. To feed daily. Enough is Enough

  • ebi

    do ur calculation very well and your answer is less than 500 naira in

  • Brown Ubom

    What kind of meal do you give prisoners that will consume #14,000.00 daily? Well that boils down to #42,000.00 monthly only for food for prisoners as against our current minimum wage of #18,000.00 for civil servants or even Nysc members ? This should not be heard of please.

  • Sani Idris

    If it’s true, bros , do we needs any scientific explanation on this monumental crime? 14k per day in thirty days is 420k. How much does a Prof take at most 500k. This is insanity at its peak. For the minister coming out to say this and even advocating for fund sourcing to maintained the bill payment is abusive and absurd to any critical mind. Anti graft agencies need to investigate this and those behind this nefarious atrocity should exposed and the minister should honorably resign. This is an insult on our collective intellect.

  • rojed

    Unbelieveable….!this is pure lie.

  • Chiedu7

    What are each eating, a cow?

  • philip

    The correct computation is N480 per prisoner, not N14,000