Saturday, June 12, 2021

Niger Delta militants sponsored to destroy oil installation because I’m president — Buhari


tiamin rice
President Muhammadu Buhari has decried how Niger Delta militants were attacking oil installation, saying the attacks were aimed at sabotaging his government.
The president stated this Tuesday on Freedom Radio during a special Hausa interview anchored by his Personal Assistant on Broadcast Media, Sha’aban Sharada.
The president expressed displeasure that despite his commitment to the welfare of the common man, especially in the payment of salaries of workers, the militants were sponsored to destabilize his government.
“Probably people may wish to know why in the past years, the South South militants were not seen vandalising oil pipelines until we came on board,” he asked rhetorically.
He said from 1999 to 2014, the crude output was about 2.1million daily and sold at an average cost of 100 dollar per barrel, while the output reduced and the price crashed to about 37 dollar per barrel when he assumed office.
“I looked at the situation and wondered why we didn’t save for the rainy day. I wondered where are the issues of rail lines, roads, electricity. I asked what did they do with the money? I was told they bought food and paid for oil importation. They were simply feasting on the money.
Mr. Buhari then reaffirmed his commitment to fight against corruption, saying the level of corruption was deep.
“On bribery and corruption, we ensure that the suspects are prosecuted, because the level of theft is unlimited,” he added.
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