Nigeria has not achieved much in ICT – Expert


An Information and Communication Technology, ICT expert, Jide Awe, on Thursday said that the country had not achieved much in the sector.

Mr Awe, who spoke with newsmen in Lagos, said that even with the talents that abound in the country, there was a need to have a good standing in a global ranking on ICT.

According to him, is a big challenge to the country that with all the potential in form of human capacity, we have not used the potential to achieve much in the area of ICT.

“ICT adoption is a must if we want to move the country forward and be at par with other countries globally.

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“The 2018 Global Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum ranked Nigeria 123rd in the adoption of ICT out of 140 countries assessed.

“Basically, this kind of ranking which has to do with global competitiveness on ICT adoption does not look at talents but the talent is also essential.

“They look at what has been achieved, the impact, contributions to the economy and this I believe is based on what the country has achieved compared to other countries, ‘’ he said.

Awe said that for the country to move up as regards ICT adoption, there should be structures in place and realistic policies on the ground.

The expert said that as the world was talking about disruptive technologies and going smart, the question to ask should be how ready are Nigerians in adopting such technologies.

He said that the country could also have these digital technologies “but another problem is if these technologies are being used to address developmental problems that exist’’.

Awe said that the delay in adopting such smart technologies created room for corruption and all kinds of ills in the society.

“There is need to train people to be able to utilise the technologies for easier adoption.

“There is need to have policies that are in tune with the realities of the day and updated regularly as everything is fast changing in the digital economy.

“We should make sure that our digital infrastructure, which makes things smart and affect people’s lives positively, are well maintained, ‘’ he said.