Thursday, April 15, 2021

Nigerian govt will step up digital youth empowerment, minister says 


tiamin rice

Nigeria’s Minister of Youth and Sport, Sunday Dare, has said  the government of the country is putting measures in place to empower the youths with digital skills within the next two years.

The minister said this at the launch of the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP on landmark report on migration on Monday in Abuja.

According to the minister, part of what is compelling the youths to travel to other parts of the world illegally was the search for digital skill and government will try and make it available soon.

He said, “What we are seing here today is a compelling story, when you look at the percentage of the youths who are now on the sea, you will be surprised.

“They travel in search of opportunities. Government will ensure in the next two years that Nigerian youths get digital skills, this is part of what is bringing the migration issue,” he said.

Ketil Karlsen, the Head of European Union delegation to Nigeria and ECOWAS, said that the union would continue to discuss with Nigerian government on the best way to handle migration issues.

According to Karlsen, the world will continue to experience migration provided there is continuity in human existence.

“It is not ordinary to leave your family for a different continent if not that you are searching for something, there will always be migration as long as people need to work.

“But in all these, we have quite a number of irregular migration from Nigeria, I will love to celebrate because the number has gone down,” he said.

He however appreciated the contribution of Nigerian migrants, particularly those in search of jobs, saying they brought positive development to other countries.

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