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‘Nigerian judiciary is sick’, SAN chides lawyers spreading report of alleged meeting between CJN Ariwoola, Tinubu

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A senior advocate of Nigeria, Jibrin Okutepa, has said those promoting the news of the alleged meeting between the chief justice of Nigeria, Kayode Ariwoola and president-elect, Bola Tinubu are sick.

An online news newspaper had alleged that Mr Ariwoola was sighted in the United Kingdom in a wheelchair, purportedly planning hold a clandestine meeting with Mr Tinubu.

But Mr Tinubu’s media office, in a statement, described the report as fake news.

Reacting to the report in a Twitter thread on Friday, Mr Okutepa blamed the deteriorating state of the judicial arm for the embarrassing report.


He also bemoaned some legal practitioners who joined in spreading the report, describing it as a sacrilege.

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“The legal profession is sick and on oxygen in Nigeria. The ethics and etiquette of the profession are gone. No sanctions.  Otherwise, how do we explain the news making round even amongst lawyers that a whole Chief Justice of Nigeria disguises himself to meet a named politician.

“And some Nigerian lawyers are posting it. What a shame. So because CJN was seen on wheelchairs, means his lordship is disguising himself to meet politician. What a sacrilege. Why did the legal profession deteriorate to this level.

“Nobody is feeling bad that the CJN may not be well and had to be on a wheelchair. No empathy. But we can speculate on unfounded and unverified story. No reasonable person should promote falsehood. I think those promoting this news are sick. We must not destroy our judiciary,” Mr Okutepa wrote.

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  1. The profession is very sick. The court is no longer the citadel of justice but where sentiments, highest bidders win cases. The are never independent but swallows justice to please their pay masters . Let’s see if they can redeem the already battered image of judiciary in Nigeria

  2. Judiciary that you and your likes have destroyed. When you guys were busy collecting money from politicians. Nigerians have no faith in the judiciary. It’s quite unfortunate.

  3. Black people with black brain we only complain when things are not going well for us, if judiciary is corrupt why going there

  4. The court used to be the hope of common man, but it’s no longer so. If there is nobody to collect bribe, nobody will give bribe. The judiciary is encouraging the politicians to give bribe. The judiciary need to be sanitized, we have so many bad eggs among them. If the CJN actually traveled, or let assume meeting Tinubu was a fake news. But of what sickness will take one to the UK on Friday and bring him back on Saturday. A sickness of few hours that cannot be treated in Nigeria? When such a case as this is on your table, u don’t travel anyhow. If u must travel on health ground, let it be a health issue that cannot be handle in Nigeria,not headache, malaria or body pain. Because according to the alligation he traveled on 24th and came back on 25th same month the defendant traveled. People will talk. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

  5. Your types are the harbinger of fake news. You believe in your innermost that Buhari is long dead and the one currently in Aso Rock is cloned. You have come again with NCJ on a wheelchair to hold a meeting with President-Elect in London. You are all mischievous.

  6. My Dear brothers and sisters Nigeria is a country that have rules of law look at our electoral system
    are build with corruptions , the president of nigeria will electe the INEC chairman on appointment . Which is rough , again Nigeria president will electe minster of justice on appointment which is rough doing , so our juridical system is not compiten in anyway to control the rules of law in nigeria today

  7. Ignorance is truly a disease, someone already pelting false information about a case that has not yet gotten to the supreme court not to talk of the appeal court hearing the case. All what they are doing is social media terrorism and character assassination by the supporter of Peter Obi on anybody that has contrary opinion to theirs.

  8. The Lawyer who started the wicked rumor should be derobed, regardless of his apology. As a legal practioner, he ought to know better. He should be made a scape-goat so that others can learn lessons.

  9. You made it to sick due to your corrupt attitude, you lawyers. You even go to extent of corrupting the judges by buying from them. It is a shame

  10. Before you defend the judiciary or your principal, go and correct the judgment of Lawan and akpabio and people will take you seriously

  11. Maybe you do not understand how the judiciary operate, simply because he is the CJN doesn’t mean he listen or decides every cases that goes to the supreme court. Moreover, the case between Lawn and Machin was decided based on technicalities and the majority judgement was read by Justice Centus Chima Nweze while Justice Adamu Jauro and Emmanuel Agim stated otherwise. The CJN can only call for a review and if the judgment were found to have been influenced by money exchanging hands, then he can place the judges on suspension.

  12. The sad aspect are ppl still giving oxygen to this nonsense. Most of them will only read the false story but dismiss the rebuttal.

  13. What if he actually disguised on wheelchair to meet Tinubu?
    Then, you’ll be the sick person here.

    Is there anything Nigerians will not do to make money and subvert justice?

    Is it not in Nigeria the 4th is now #1 in Imo State? The current senate president’s name was substituted with someone who actually contested for a particular position, all courtesy of the same supreme court of Nigeria.

    Shameless people. Only God, the righteous judge will bring all of you oppressors to judgement.

  14. They are surreptitiously blackmailing the judiciary to force our justices to turn the table in their favour. It’s a form of psychological terrorism. They are doing this freely because of the failure of our regulatory system in the country. The relevant authorities are just watching the social media devaluing the reputations of our country before the outside world as if there are no laws to enforce! Carriers of fake news are busy heating up the polity every minute as if we have no sitting government in place. Those that are willing to severe their ties with the country are unrestrictedly carrying out massive destruction of Nigerian reputation and other precious legacies of our founding fathers just to leave us in ruins before they form their Biafra nation. They are out to destroy whatever good thing is left in Nigeria’s outlook before the rest of the world. If no action is quickly taken to defend the integrity of our nation, it may be too late or impossible to repair the damages that might have been done to severely weaken our polity before the next phase of these secessionists’ plans are made manifest, which is massive armed violence!!!

  15. Amos Ibitoye, it was the yorubas that caused the first war in Nigeria ; and they’re about causing another one with their pseaudo life styles again. Where does the issue of Biafra come into this issue at hand ? Why are you people afraid of separation when you don’t want a tribe and wouldn’t like to do the right thing ?

  16. Ibitoye’s comments are classic ‘Ostrichism’. His polemics conveniently turns a blind eye to the savage of Lagos touts groomed with Lagos State public funds who took violence to their fellow citizens, profiled their compatriots as migrants and even asked them to leave Lagos State just to give the ruling party the cowardly advantage to rig elections. Ibitoye, the wannabe preacher, conveniently forgot how the same gangster operations in many parts of the country gave his paymasters the narrow margin to acquire INEC President-Elect. He then goes on to bemoan the social media for exposing such primitive, barbaric and anti-democratic behaviours foisted on us by those who are fighting hard to give Nigeria a good image.

    I wonder what Social Media has got to do with the image of a country being painted by an INEC President-Elect who has been dragged to several courts for falsified age, academic qualifications, parentage and now drug trafficking. I wonder what Social Media has got to do with Alpha Beta and owning half of Lagos when the man’s last paid job earned less than two thousand dollars. I wonder what Social Media has got to do with evading every public debate to clarify public concerns on such heinous crimes. Dear Ibitoye, it is hiding behind the fist of state that rubbishes whatever is left of the image of an otherwise great country that her ruling elites have connived to commercialise and bastardise.

    The fact that many Nigerians have lost their conscience to the lullaby of this thoroughly rotten system and accompanying accoutrements of its pseudo autochthonous proclivities is no longer news. What is news is that such unconscionable characters now mount public pulpit to preach redemption to those trying to hold them to account. Such hypocrisy! The audacity of that impunity!!!

  17. Well said Mr ETCH. Woe to them that call good bad and call bad good on the 2023 electoral issues in Nigeria. Be it on the presidential election, senate, governorship, etc, etc.


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