Saturday, October 16, 2021

Nnamdi Kanu deserves a death sentence, says Kano youth group

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A group, Kungiyar Matasan Kano Advocacy Organization, has appealed to Nigerian courts to serve the leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, a death sentence.

The appeal was made in a statement issued by the Chairman of the organization, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta, on Friday.

The statement said: “Kanu has proven beyond reasonable doubt that people like him belongs to the dungeon of hell where he will find his equals passing through the judgment of God.

“He belongs only to the body bag because of his role in the deliberate planning, coordination, financing of terrorism that led to the death of thousands of innocent Nigerians whose only crime is obeying the Constitution on their rights and freedom of movement and residence.

“Within the period that Nnamdi Kanu held his reign of terror, thousands of innocent lives were lost through his deliberate incitement and calls for the killing of citizens and burning of properties of innocent Nigerians.”

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According to the chairman, the incidents that occurred during the IPOB leaders “reign of terror” should be taken into consideration during his sentencing.

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He said: “Within 4 months, Kanu called for and coordinated fifty-five 55 violent attacks on either some innocent security forces or innocent civilians in the south-south and Southeast.

“In April 2021 through some of his many inciting broadcast online, Kanu instructed his militia ESN and other members of the proscribed organization, and call on them to act violently and kill innocent Nigerians and destroy the country’s infrastructure.

The chairman also recalled a quote by the IPOB leader, who said “our madness has just begun” referring to plans of attacking northerners.

The quote said: “Every night, young men will not sleep, you will come out, at the starting of every road that leads to every populated area under human habitation to make sure that appropriate roadblocks are put in place to slow them down so we can catch them (Fulanis) and kill them.”

According to the chairman, the above broadcast led to the death of thousands of innocent Fulani nomads who were attacked and killed mercilessly.

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He said: “Kanu’s incitement and calls for violence has led to the attacks on the police headquarters in Imo state, various police posts in the Southeast and south-south, even the customs, immigration, and the correctional officers looking after our prisons were not spared, thousands of prisoners were set free by IPOB, using the principle of anarchy.

“Kanu’s language all the times were a call for death, death, death and many innocent Nigerians have lost their lives through his barbaric, senseless campaigns on killings of the innocent.

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“In view of the above mentioned, we believe, there is nothing befitting to Kanu than the ultimate price of death because all known religions have called for ‘An eye for an eye’ hence, the only justice available to kanu’s judgement is death because his verbal excreta has led to the loss of many innocent lives of citizens, the security personnel and the total destruction of government and innocent citizens’ properties.”

These measures, according to the chairman, would serve as a deterrent to his supporters.

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He said: “Self-determination is a right in both domesticated and international laws, hence, should be persuaded with the utmost sense of civility but not through calls for killing and destruction.

“We shall by this piece, advice the Southeast and the south-south leaders and their Governors to come clear and condemn this barbaric and senseless agitation for killing and destructions orchestrated and carried out by the violent separatist leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

“The federal government should equally visit all those agitating for violence and pay them in their own coin.

“People like Sunday Igboho have equally called for killings which has already led to the death of so many innocent Nigerians should have been by now in the grip of the law.

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“We call on Nigerians in all strata to maintain peace at all time and promote friendship and unity for a better Nigeria.”

Mr Haruna-Dambatta, therefore, called on the government to sever ties with countries that attempt to support or sponsor this terror organization or its leaders.

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