Saturday, April 17, 2021

North Korea’s Kim to expand relations with South – Report


tiamin rice

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has addressed the ruling Workers’ Party with a report mapping out the course of relationship expansion with the South, the Korean Central News Agency reported on Friday.

Kim delivered the address at the 8th Workers’ Party convention, which began on Tuesday.

The North Korean ruling party has not held such conventions in almost five years.

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According to the report, the North Korean leader’s address was focused on adjusting the relationship with the South to match the up-to-date developments and currently prevailing circumstances, with the emphasis on its expansion.

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The convention has gathered 250 party leaders, 4,750 delegates and more than 2,000 observers, which is more than during the previous session, according to the report.

During the 7th party convention in 2016, North Korea adopted a policy doctrine to pursue nuclear strengthening while simultaneously not compromising the national economy.

There exists a Ministry of Unification in South Korea that promotes rapprochement with the North, but the relations are still far from friendly.

Quarrels occur occasionally, such as South Korean residents flying balloons across the border with anti-Pyongyang notes.

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But the main issue is North Korea’s reluctance to abandon its military nuclear programme.


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