• Musa Olaiwon

    Nigeria as a nation don’t like to be told the truth because it is a satanic nation being led by satanic and secret society menbers who are milking the system for their own benefit. With Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanisi i stand.
    God bless Nigeria and Nigerians who stand for the truth nothing but the truth.
    Aluta continua.

  • masama

    To the northern governors who wanted the emir to be dethroned for no reason but expressing his opinions which he is constitutionally guaranteed to let known.
    You are the ones ought be impeached and jailed than for mismanaging and breach of the trust—- the public funds.

  • Dr. Joseph Ogundu

    If the Northern Governors depose the Emir because he is trying to get them to work for the people, then we will work with him and make sure he is elected president of Nigeria so that we can work on strategies to save the nation from these incompetent people.

  • Ahmed nasidi Almajir

    I pray that the northern governors continue with the move to depose emir sanusi by then they will know their faith with people just like the legislators across the country. And we shall see who laugh last, ( the emir or the governors)

  • nafisah s suleman

    Wonders shall never end! So it’s now the emir! What’ really is the problem with these northern governors? You people are making things difficult for us, simple advice you can’t take. This is how you squander our fund for your lavish lifestyle. Why meeting in China? Do you want to tell the world that you are going against the northern elders what a shame! In fact, whoever that suggested for the meeting outside is nothing but a person with no human feelings! You got to think twice before taking any action,remember, his royal highness I says the truth always not unlike others. I really believe you Dr Joseph. They are all birds of the same feather, if not incompetence why do they have to travel all this far to conduct a meeting! Extravagance of the highest order. I advice you to stop fooling us and come back home to face the people and of course not the emir! You either change your way or face the challenges from the Almighty Allah.. people are suffering you are busy enriching yourselves with the contracts that won’t yield a very good result!

  • Saifullahi Muhammad

    I stand with emir sanusi..out governors doesnt want the truth, they always need some one that would help them im scoundering public found

  • Leo


    • Ayuba


  • VanNorth

    Hahaha. remove SLS and we will vote him in as our President come 2019. i cant imagine an intelligent and well educated, articulated and globally acclaimed and exposed person like SLS being caged and confined in Kano emirate. such person is for national consumption. Please dethrone him and we will enthrone him as our President. Yeye people.

  • Olusegun64

    Eeh whaever they wanted to do their brother is their cup of tea,all we want is one Nigerian with one Voice against every Enemies of Nigeria otherwise let Nigeria divided so everybody should Find their ways Shikena


    What ever they want do God is there to judge ,

  • Imam

    Our Governors are now emperors. You don’t dare tell them the truth. Well, the Northern Governors should not interfere with the domestic affairs of Kano.
    It is apparent that many of our Governors have failed us. The North has remained hopelessly poor, underdeveloped and backward. Whenever any body reasonably, and often politely, tries to air his views with the hope of getting them to govern well, they feel insulted. They would rather listen to the clowns around them. God save us!

  • Kano

    This is true if sunusi remove by now. he will be the next Nigeria president . People will support him. Last time he took about 20billion dollar,jana denied and later agree with sunusi and start investigating the money.

  • Trust

    The rejected stone will forever be at the buildings corner. When this same Sanusi raised alarm that certain monies were not being remitted into the Federation Account by the NNPC, he was insulted, defamed and dismissed as the CBN Governor. Today, the wind blows and everyone has seen the fowl’s ass as the whole world knows he was telling the truth. The people in authority then treated him as if there is no today, These people in authority today should know that there is still tomorrow.

  • Patrick Abayomi Ofarn

    HRH Should vacate the throne for 8 years and carry on the Good work of the people’s President GMB, and see how the Norther governors will go on exile.
    They have forgotten that they were in office by people’s vote, the Emire is there by the choice of Almighty God.

  • Adekunle Alao