• Laughing my ass off! Jaafar you are a case.

  • kebiy

    Jafar! U too much

  • Abdulrahman Muktar

    This is weird!

  • Jariri Dayyabu.

    Wonderful , I hail you jaafar for your investigative talent.

  • Beautiful piece. I knew the emir was lying when he said he overdrawn his account with first bank to renovate the palace, and that he got his expensive exotic cars from friends as gifts. I expect the emir to display his intellectual skills to lie professionally. For an emir who will not be blackmailed into silence should not feel bad if an S.A to the governor is bold enough to tell the story raw. Why should the S.A use someone else to state the obvious? What should he be afraid of? If a king is not afraid to loose his throne for “stupidity” then what more of an S.A loosing his position for obvious facts. Those who live in the glass house………..

  • yusuf

    maganar banza daga bakin mutumin banza!

  • Charles Nwabodo

    Mr Jafar, I don’t know about all the things you wrote, I hope you have your facts. All I know is that the romantic pictures I saw of sanusi are certainly not his cousin or wife as he claimed. Mr Sanusi, your Muslim brothers wouldn’t have raised an eye brow if the pictures were just that of your wifey. The pictures I have right here are my Igbo sisters and I will not want to mention there names. I always respect your boldness but this time it’s like your people are giving you serious pressure which make you to lie. It’s a shame.

  • Ado Mohammed Tukur

    History may likely repeat itself, even though….

  • Abubakar

    Those who dail to learn from history are doomed to repeat

  • The only difference between your seriki and our Dino Melaye is that your seriki is yet to release his version of “Aje ku iya ni o je. King Parrot, I too Sabi.

  • mudassir Danmakkah

    What is your own business about the amount that he spent in the internet. Sincerely speaking, you have to be very careful about what you stated to Royal Highness Sanusi II. Because there is different between the political suffrage leader and the crowned ruler

  • Shuaib

    Hmmmmmm. Waiting for the emir’s response #Dazzol

  • Gambo

    All those in Singer’s and other billionaires are they listed in the stock market or do they have the knowledge of insurance that is a trend today in modern business, while the north that has almost 70% of the country population can not produce 20% of Nigeria elite compares to other region of the country. If by your own analysis of dwelling into some one private account and also claiming that you have no business with politician’s. Please see what happens to people recently when a governor in this modern day is claiming that an infection is caused by a sin from furnication then you need to get your self checked.

  • Mahmood Salisu

    Mr. Jaafar. You cakk thi investigative journalism, but it looks more like blackmail journalism. You madr a number of allegations, facts and figures without any evidence, where are the bank statements? I will agree with you on these as long as you can prove it otherwise this is just another cock and bull story.

    You said you didnt collect N200K from a certain someone and that you never collect money from people, that is your business between you and your God, you should not expect us to believe your integrity as much as you expect us to believe this defamatory piece.

    Lastly, because Muhammad Al-Maghili laid down some set of archaic etiquettes in his book The Obligation of the Princes, you expect modern civilised emirs of today to follow it to the latter? I have always found etiquettes dumb anyways, they aren’t the commandments of God. All these spiteful defamatory piece just because an emir stepped up to tell the truth? We can not be backward forever, the status of the emirate council and the Gidan Sarki was in shambles before the arrival of sanusi who sanitized the institution, renovated the buildings, schools and so on. These to me are achievements to be commended upon not bashed. Kindly provide us with evidences of your claim, prove you arent afraid really of fear or favour by publishing the evidences, lets see some bank statements, lets see payment receipts and automobile invoices, otherwise, you are just another wannabe tattle teller reporter to me.

  • This is trash. How do you expect us to believe this. No proofs. You just sat down and wrote shit.

  • Danjuma I

    Call him to order, keep on doing the good work.

  • Alhaji Jamal

    What happened to my people? This is disappointing “Allah wadai” malam how much were u paid to paint the innocent man in all this dark colors?

    What happened to tarbiyya?
    What happened to girmama na gaba?
    Its annoying how some of u Dogs use ur fishy brain trying to brain washed US ( northerners) into hating our leaders and inciting us against each other.

    Remember wallahi Allah will fight for this man, and oneday u all shall face the consequences of ur actions, either here in Dunya or Akhira.
    ( A word is enough for the wise)

  • muhammad Amir

    Hmmmmmmmm he lack every thing I think he got as his personality ,and his so call daughter came out propagating stupidity defending her father,I have never seen an elderly #bakano with lavish and reckless spend like #EmirSanusi Walahi.

  • Musa Kalam

    It’s a season of freedom of expression. This hot encounter is in fact very interesting. Let everybody express himself. The Emir had his turn, let Mr. Jafar have his own please. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • Abdul Abdul

    It makes no any sense putting up this paid writing article. From the story line i deduce the errant message and the effort to drag the Emir to a mud. When does saying truth becomes a crime? All this piece of write up to me are mere child’s play and falasy in scope.

  • Aminu

    Pls. No insult just defend your Emir with fact as quoted by the writer.

  • Ahmed Baba Ahmed

    Sarkin kano need to learn some lessons and change.

  • Olu

    @Jaafar Jaafar, you have not challenged what the Emir said about the FACT that the north is behind! “The north-west and the north-east, demographically, constitute the bulk of Nigeria’s population, but look at human development indices, look at the number of children out of school, look at adult literacy, look at maternal mortality, look at infant mortality, look at girl-child completion rate, look at income per capita… The north-east and the north-west Nigeria are among the poorest parts of the world.” Can you challenge these? The amounts you quoted that he spent on internet, at millions of Naira/month are simply crazy. How much does it cost if he stays on-line at 24 hours a day for the whole month? Do your maths please. Folks like you are the real enemies of the North! I guess your own children are well educated, well feed and you will not give your daughters into marriage at the age of 15 or 16! if they catch menigitis you will take them to a doctor and ensure that they are treated and not say this due to fornication. Of course I know folks like you do not have a conscience, you have received your brown envelope, but do not insult our common intelligience. Though I am a Southerner,a Christian, I was born and breed in the North and I know that there a lot of talents there who deserve better. The change and progress will come to the North! Alamjirinci will not last for ever!

  • Make una leave the fine man now. If una no like am make u na push am to me make I dey services am day and night. But e go pay oo. Ok?

  • masama

    Yes, ja’afar ja’afar are not being paid for what you write but being fed with disconstructive information about the emir

  • Abubakar Abbas

    He who disrespect his elders deserved zero esteem from others too, sanusi lamido has no respect particularly for our beloved president Muhammad Buhari considering the manners in which he always condemn or creticize his good policies. A lot of people are ignorant of who sanusi lamido is, that is why they are mistaking him to be a saint or heroe but in the actual sense he is none. Jafar Jafar kudos to your articles! I challenge all of u who are siding him to go and find out who he is first.