Saturday, May 8, 2021

PDP candidate coasting to victory in Plateau as INEC declares results for 11 LGAs


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The main opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, candidate in Plateau state, Jeremiah Useni, has once again taken the lead in the gubernatorial election in the state.

According to results declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Mr Useni is leading in 11 states so far announced by the commission.

The latest LGA to be declared was Jos South. PDP got 91, 846 votes, while the ruling APC got 33, 075 votes.

Daily Post had reported that incumbent the governor and the candidate of the ruling APC in Plateau State, Simon Lalong had earlier taken the lead, after ten out of the seventeen LGAs were declared.

But according to the results announced now, the ruling APC candidate has 252, 408 votes, while the PDP candidate has 249, 856 votes.

In Bassa LGA, the Collation Officer, Dr Benjamin Ligima, announced that the ruling APC got 29, 401, while the PDP got 32, 825 votes.

From Mikang LGA the PDP got 11, 703, while the ruling APC got 15, 150 votes; in Langtang South LGA, the ruling APC got 13, 495 votes, while the PDP got 17, 644 votes.

In Pankshin LGA the PDP got 24, 788 votes, while the ruling APC got 35, 769 votes.

The ruling APC won in Kanam LGA after securing 54, 394, while the PDP got 21, 956 votes.

Also, it was earlier reported that the main opposition PDP candidate Jeremiah Useni was leading in the first five LGAs announced.

The Collation Officer of Jos East LGA, said the APC got 18, 602 votes, while the PDP got 7, 994 votes.

In Kanke LGA the Collation Officer declared that APC got 23, 360 votes, while the PDP got 22, 831 votes.

The Collation Officer for Langtang North which is the LGA of the candidate of the main opposition PDP announced that ruling APC got 18, 979 votes, while the PDP got 40, 519 votes.

In Barkin Ladi LGA the Collation Officer Dr Golen announced that the APC got 17, 039, while the PDP got 44, 233 votes.

He also said there was a cancellation of the result of a polling unit which has to do with over voting and malfunction of the card reader.

The Collation Officer for Bokkos LGA, Dr Gurumyen George, announced that the ruling APC got 26, 219, while the PDP got 25, 363.

He, however said, there were cancellations in five polling units due to similar issues aforementioned, and they have a total of over 4, 000 registered voters.

Responding to the issue of cancelled votes, the State Returning Officer, Prof. Richard Anande, assured that “after the collation of all the results from all LGAs, if the results of the top two candidates are close, we will look into it, to ensure justice is done to all according to the electoral guidelines.”

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