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‘Praise Allah’ bus slogans get green light just months after Lord’s Prayer ad gets banned


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London bus

The group have targeted the ad campaign to raise money for victims of the Syrian Civil War during the holy month of Ramadan in June, when muslims traditionally fast and give to charity.

But the campaign has caused anger among some Christian groups after an advert featuring the lords prayer was banned from UK cinemas in the run up to Christmas.

The advert, which featured the Archbishop of Canterbury along with a variety of parishioners reciting the Lord’s prayer, was banned from Odean, Cineworld and Vue cinemas.

Former Tory MP Ann Widdecombe said: “If other religions are allowed to put their religious banners up, then so should Christians.”

Unlike cinema advertising regulators, Transport for London does not have any rules against religious advertising.

However former London mayor Boris Johnson stepped in when a Christian group attempted to run an advertising campaign calling for gay people to “get over” their homosexuality in 2012.

Andrea Williams said: “Britain is a Christian country and we Christians need to find our voice.

“If we are allowing these adverts for Islam, then we need to give the Christians far more freedom to express themselves.”

The posters are set to appear in areas with large Muslim communities, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester and Bradford.

Simon Calvert of the Christian Institute was hopeful the Islamic relief campaign would signal “the beginning of a new era of greater expressions of the Christian faith, which seems to have become persona non grata”

He added: “People were surprised by the cinema advertising agenda to ban the Lord’s Prayer – something we all grew up with.

“Audiences are capable of hearing expressions of Christian faith without running away screaming in horror.”

Islamic relief, who have helped more than 100 million people since it was started in 1984 are hoping the posters will raise money to aid victims of the bloody Syrian conflict, as well as helping to paint Islam in a positive light.

Charity Director Imran Madden said: “There is a lot of negativity around Muslims.

“We want to change the perception of Islam. The campaign is about breaking down barriers and challenging misconceptions.”

*Culled from UK Express

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