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Reports: Israeli army withdraws from al-Shifa Hospital

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The Israeli army has finally withdrawn from al-Shifa Hospital in the city of Gaza, after two weeks of the start of its military operation there, according to Palestinian reports on Monday.

Local media reported that the operation had caused severe destruction to the buildings of the largest medical complex in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the operation at al-Shifa hospital on Sunday evening as a great success.

He spoke of a “precise and surgical” military operation.

More than 200 terrorists had been killed and hundreds had surrendered, Netanyahu said.


According to Israel, the Palestinian Islamist organisation Hamas had once again set up fighting and command positions in the extensive area, after the Israeli military had already stormed the hospital in November.

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Israel accuses Hamas of systematically misusing medical facilities for military purposes.

Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari said a week ago that Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters had barricaded themselves in various departments of the hospital.

Hamas was firing at Israeli troops from the emergency room and the maternity ward, he said, adding that they had fired mortar shells and caused serious damage and fires in the hospital complex.

Hamas’ military wing has claimed responsibility for several attacks on Israeli troops in the area of al-Shifa hospital in recent days.

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