Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Somali president appoints new prime minister

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Somali President Mohamed Farmajo has appointed Mohamed Roble as the country’s new prime minister to replace Ali Khaire, who was impeached by parliament in July.

Farmajo, who made the announcement, directed Roble to form a new government to lead the country through the transition period as Somalia prepares for the 2020/2021 general elections.

The president said he made the appointment of Roble on the basis of his knowledge, experience and ability to take the government initiative, building efforts and the development of national plans.

He directed Roble to make significant efforts to consolidate security gains, rebuild the armed forces and develop infrastructure.

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Roble, a graduate of Somali National University in civil engineering, is an international civil servant who worked at the International Labour Organisation, ILO.

In a statement after his appointment, Roble, who once worked at the University of London and lived in New York, said he will cooperate with all Somalis as he leads the delicate transition period.

“It is clear that the country is in a state of transition which requires real compromise and cooperation,” he said in his social media posts.

He expressed the hope that Somalis would support him and become part of the new political arrangement.

The appointment of Roble, a humanitarian, came shortly after a major breakthrough in the talks between Farmajo and five regional state leaders to reach a new agreement on the conduct of the 2020 to 2021 parliamentary and presidential elections.

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Analysts describe the appointment of Roble, who appears non-aligned in the Somalia political landscape, as a sign of hope and a major compromise on the process to be followed in electing the incoming federal government of Somalia.

The tenure of the current parliament ends on Dec. 27; the tenure of office of President Farmajo ends on Feb. 7, 2021.

Analysts say holding the 2020 universal vote is critical to entrenching the federal system of governance, which is required to appease communities and regions complaining systematic exclusion and marginaliation for decades.


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