Thursday, September 16, 2021

Somalia executes 18 Al-Shabab militants after court sentence

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Eighteen Al-Shabab militants were executed on Sunday in Galkayo town of Mudug, the Puntland State of Somalia, after being sentenced to death earlier by the court.

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The Chairperson of Puntland state court, Mohamud Abdi Mohamed, said that the court proceedings followed through different stages before the execution.

“Puntland State Court of Armed Forces executed 18 al-Shabab militants this morning.

“The convicts were all behind the killings of many of our important people here.

“The court took the right action against them,’’ Mohamed said.

Al-Shabab militants termed the execution as a massacre of innocent civilians by the Puntland state.

The militant group has carried out a series of assassinations and bombings in Galkayo and other parts of the Mudug region.

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Puntland officials have vowed to bring to justice any member of the terrorist group or those who engage in terrorist activities.


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