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Still on Hundeyin’s hit-and-run story, by Nura Sunusi

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For some misguided individuals and those who consume everything in print hook and sinker, David Hundeyin’s piece, ‘Cornflakes for Jihad: The Origin of Boko Haram Story’, he and his cohorts call ‘investigation’, would have been left to die a natural death like many before it.

Yet if allowed to be over flogged, lie may be sold as truth and the whole world will be blind. And those who know will not allow this. Besides, Hundeyin’s story is packed with journalistic chicanery of epic proportion.

Hundeyin’s sole aim was to push the lies he concocted down the throat of his readers/audiences. This is my concern. It is for this, I believe that such intellectual dishonesty must be stamped out completely.

One cannot give what he or she does not have. Before I go far, Hundeyin deserves some quick bathe; then let me stripe him naked first.

An Annang Christian ‘journalist’ from Akwa Ibom State in the South-South, Hundeyin is completely ignorant of the vast Northern region and its intentional predicates: background, history, language, culture, religion, etc.

At this point, it is instructive to note that Hundeyin is not a lone walker in the use of this pure sophistry. There are some people in our midst toeing this path.

Izala, particularly Alhaji Shahru, Sheikh Yakubu Musa, Isa Pantami and other Izala personalities, have been target of a sustained campaign of calumny for its ability to bestride the earthly and heavenly with such ease.

Of particular is a Nigerian ‘historian’, mind the quotation marks, who teaches at an American University.

This confused dude, like Hundeyin, has been at the forefront of this campaign for some time. Had he been allowed, he would have formed an empire, which modus operandi is to silence and blackmail the most peaceful 40 years old registered religious organization in Nigeria. About two years ago, perhaps long before that, the said ‘historian’ raised a finger in this corridor and some intelligently educated youths called his bluff. He left mentally wounded.

I have learnt that Hundeyin’s hit-and-run piece has struck the ‘historian’, who has been mum all this while like a spent hose, as an energizer.

My perception of this saga is this: since those dudes had test-flied this campaign severally and woefully failed, now Hundeyin is hired to try his luck and dead is his attempt on arrival.

That notwithstanding, to set the record straight, Hundeyin‘s piece deserves some response, which I give below, stitching facts and figures. Then let us take it one at a time.

Nomenclature of terrorism

First, the blurry line demarcating what is terrorism and what is not, who is a terrorist and who is not, is one of the factors breathing life into liars like David hundeyin.

Although I intend to restrict this piece to Alhaji Shahru Haruna’s side of the argument, I will touch on some of the issues Hundeyin raised in his piece to unravel the intricacies involved.

Hundeyin is overzealously blind in the sense that every passing picture of Islam or a Muslim forms in his mind a mental image of what he calls terrorism or terrorist. No wonder! Nigeria is full of academically certified but ignorant people. We will see this in the subsequent paragraphs.

Nigeria is not an Opponent of GSPC

GSPC stands for “Groupe Salafiste pour la Prédication et le Combat” (Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat). According to Wikipedia, GSPC was an armed Islamic group UNTIL 2004!

The group had only one opponent which was not Nigeria, but Algeria. Therefore, how did Alhaji Shahru Haruna or Sheikh Yakubu Musa become the GSPC’s agents?

Politics of Origin

The moment he tried to conjecture up a triangular of Izala, terrorism, which he barely understands, and finance, Hundeyin shot himself in the foot. His is a weak argument full of lacunas, fabricated evidences, and disjointed analogies. Is there anything hatred cannot drive one to?

From Sheikh Abubakar Gumi to Alhaji Shahru Haruna, to Sheikh Yakubu Musa to Isa Aliyu Pantami, the current minister of Communications and digital economy and to others, Hundeyin has failed to come up with even a single irrefutable proof linking any of them with terrorism. His submission heavily relied on hearsay, including social media posts.

First, Izala’s deeply established manifestoes/objectives to non-politically strive and promote the pure teaching of Islam and proselytizing which is acknowledged even by non-Muslims in the west is for anyone to see.

Two, Izala’s leading figure, Sheikh Abubakar Gumi, who was the Grand Khadi of the Northern region of Nigeria between 1962 and 1967, was a champion of democracy. He encouraged Islamic and Western educations; and associated with upright political figures like Aminu Kano, Sa’adu Zungur and Sardauna of Sokoto.

Another, Izala is a progressive organization. It has established schools, libraries, hospitals, Islamic centres, and satellite TV stations; and now Assalam Global University in Jigawa is in the pipeline.

Its members, unlike that of its nemesis, participate in political activities, and they vote and are voted for into political offices. They are into academia and civil service.

In contrast, Boko Haram, which is the opposite, is an insurgent group engaged in continued rebellion against the constituted authority.

The insurgent group ideology is rooted in a gross misinterpretation of Sunni and Salafi Islam and it’s populated by poorly educated and overzealous youths that lack even basic Islamic knowledge.

Where is the link?

Consequently, that in 2011 bombs went up at St. Theresa Catholic Church, Madalla, a fringe of Abuja and Gadaka in Damaturu; and during the trial of one Kabiru Sokoto, a ‘masked’ witness testified that an Islamist group in Algeria, provided funding and support worth N40,000,000 ($250,000 at the time) to carry out the attacks, is not enough reason to inculpate either Sheikh Abubakar Gumi, Shahru Haruna, Yakubu Musa or other Izala personalities, is it?

Let’s try this formula to see if it works this way: on October 1, 2010, during Nigeria’s fiftieth anniversary bombs went off killing 15 people. An ex-MEND leader, Henry Okah and one Nwabueze were convicted of terrorism.

If Kabiru Sokoto or attacks by Boko Haram insurgents were to be considered linked to Izala and Alhaji Shahru for a simple reason that Izala is an Islamic organization and Shahru is a Muslim and a member, as Hundeyin would have us believe, who sponsored Henry Okah and his accomplice? Hundeyin who is also an overzealous Christian and a southerner?

From the inception of Boko Haram to date, Izala, as against other violent religious movements, has never been on the same wavelength with any insurgent group.

Facts speak for themselves, they say. Had Izala clerics been complicit in the activities of the insurgents, Boko Haram leadership would never have called for the heads of Pantami, Sheikh Jaafar Mahmud Adam or Sheikh Muhammad Auwal Adam Albaniy Zaria.

It seems those who planted the piece have not briefed Hundeyin of the fate of the two fiercest critics of Boko Haram in the Izala cycle: Albaniy Zaria and Ja’afar. Both were eliminated by Boko Haram in an attempt to silence the persistent voice that had been voicing the irreligiosity of Boko Haram and insurgency of any type.

One does not need to strain himself. Videos showing Izala Ulama in a heated debate with the Boko Haram founder, Muhammad Yusuf, are on YouTube. An example is that of Sheikh Pantami.

Journalist or religious bigot

Nigeria’s media space is saturated with ethnic and religious bigots and David Hundeyin happens to be one of them.

He was quick at citing that ‘the scholar(s) states that Muslims should never accept a non-Muslim as ruler, which can be interpreted as a call for insurrection against a Christian Nigerian President’, but could not tell his readers of how pastors ascended the pulpit of Christianity and made similar call, which can as well be interpreted as another call for insurrection against a Muslim Nigerian President as we see today?

Ideology of Finance

Who deceives who? If there is anything Hundeyin succeeded in linking Alhaji Shahru Haruna to is his tie with Izala and his being an owner of legitimate businesses – nothing more.

Citing CBN Governor Godwin Emefiele’s argument that BDC operators sell dollar to some people ‘to go and buy arms and ammunitions to come back to hurt us’ is not a clear-cut evidence to implicate Alhaji Haruna.

A Call to CBN

It is high time for CBN to furnish the public with the reason for its instruction to banks to block bank accounts of some entities one of which is Zahraddeen Shahru Haruna’s (Alhaji Shahru Haruna’s son).

It is my belief that, the failure of the apex bank to provide the information to the public is one of the chief reasons behind Hundeyin’s evil pen attempt to link the Zaharaddin’s account blockage to terrorism.

Shahru’s Media Trial

Shahru Haruna’s media trial began sometime in 2004. And to understand this better, I will refer the reader to a defunct Weekly Trust newspaper front cover story in 2004 titled ‘Detention Without Trial’.

The paper narrated a sympathetic story on how Alhaji Shahru Haruna was arrested and detained by DSS without any trial for six consecutive months.

However, the interesting part of the story is how the Secret Police discharged him unconditionally. Since then, there was no any re-arrest by the DSS or any other relevant security agency. What does that imply?

It is my conclusive argument that Hundeyin’s piece is yet another failed smear campaign against Alhaji Shahru Haruna, Sheikh Yakubu Musa, Izala and some of its personalities. It is another mischief that has its own sponsors.

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